IJF World Cadet Championships - August 8-11 coming to Miami

Miami, Alabama

Aug. 08 - 11, 2013


AUGUST 8-11, 2013













































































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For the second time this year, after the Judo Grand Prix, Miami 2013, which was organized in June 2013, the IJF will gather in Florida, this time for the Cadet World Championship. The event will be of particular importance since it will be a qualifier for the Youth Olympic Games that will be held next year in Nanjing, China.







Marius L. VIZER

IJF President

The cadet age group is the first step to the very high level and many today’s judo stars, before reaching the international seniors highest level, shined when they were cadets. We are and we will be, once again, very careful that the rules and values of judo are respected.


Right after the Cadet World Championship, we will organize for all national federations, the first ‘Judo for Children’ seminar, which will allow us to launch concrete actions throughout the world. These programs will aim to give judo all its rightful place in the education of youth, allowing it to fit in the maximum school curriculum.


It belongs to me, on behalf of the whole judo family, to thank and congratulate the USA Judo Federation, for all the work undertaken within the framework of the organization of the competition and the development of judo.




It is with tremendous excitement and pride that we extend to the entire IJF family an invitation to participate in the 2013 World Cadet Championships that we will be hosting in the tropical, exotic and international city of Miami, Florida.









Mr. Lance Nading President USA Judo













Mr. Jose Humberto


Chief Executive Officer (CEO) USA Judo

We are eager to welcome the world to the United States and more specifically to Florida. Please note that we have been able to secure one of the best known resorts to be both the headquarter hotel as well as the venue for the competition. At the Doral Golf Resort & Spa, a Trump International hotel property, you will be able to sleep in a large luxurious room, and then walk a few meters to the competition and to your meals. You will find our choice of site second to no other in the world.


Due to the fact that many countries have contacted us and requested the possibility to organize a “pre-world acclimation” camp, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting a camp for any delegation wishing to come a week earlier. We are also able to offer those wishing to travel to Orlando to visit Disney World and other attractions in Florida, a local tourist agency to arrange your visit. In short, we want to make your delegation visit to our country a very unique experience both on and off the tatami.


On behalf of our Judo family in the United States, we thank the International Judo Federation for honoring us with hosting this prestigious event. We are working hard to live up to this trust that has been bestowed on us.


We look forward to seeing you in Miami this coming August! Best of success to you all!










Tuesday,  August 6, 2013

12:00 - 21:00

Control of Entries and Accreditation


Wednesday, August 7, 2013

09.00 - 11:59

Control of Entries and Accreditation







Wednesday, August 7, 2013




Just after the



Referee Meeting




Unofficial Weigh-in

19:00 - 19:30

Official Weigh-in


-40kg & -44kg


-50kg & -55kg







Thursday, August 8, 2013 (DAY 1)




Start of Competition

Doral Legends


Women: -40kg & -44kg

Men: -50kg & -55kg




Finals Block

Doral Legends


18:30 - 18:59

Unofficial Weigh-in

19:00 - 19:30

Official Weigh-in


-48kg & -52kg


-60kg & -66kg







Friday, August 9, 2013 (DAY2)




Start of Competition

Doral Legends


Women: -48kg & -52kg

Men: -60kg & -66kg




Finals Block

Doral Legends


18:30 - 18:59

Unofficial Weigh-in

19:00 - 19:30

Official Weigh-in


-57kg & -63kg


-73kg & -81kg







Saturday, August 10, 2013 (DAY 3)




Start of Competition

Doral Legends


Women: -57kg, -63kg

Men: -73kg & -81kg




Finals Block

Doral Legends


18:30 - 18:59

Unofficial Weigh-in

19:00 - 19:30

Official Weigh-in


-70kg & +70kg





Sunday, August 11, 2013 (DAY 4)




Start of Competition

Doral Legends


Women: -70kg & +70kg

Men: -90kg,+90kg




Finals Block

Doral Legends


Monday, August 12, 2013

Judo For Children Seminar


*- time may subject to be changed

August 8th to 11th, 2013










Awarding ceremony after each Finals + Anti-doping control. Refereeing meeting just after the draw.


Remark: At least one team official must attend the accreditation on August 6, 2013 between 12:00 am and 21:00 pm or August 7 before between 9:00 am to 11:59 pm in order to confirm the delegation. Without this confirmation in time a nation will not be put into draw and not be allowed to start.





USA Judo

USA Judo Executive Offices 3625 NW 82nd Ave

Suite #100D- Doral, Florida 33166 – Tel. (01) 786-332-4338




USA Judo

1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Springs Colorado 80909

Tel. (01) 719-866-4730

Info Email: USAJUDO@USAJUDO.US Website: www.usjudo.org




Doral Golf Resort & Spa – Trump Miami Resort

Legends Ballroom

4400 NW 87th Ave. Miami, Florida  33178




The headquarter hotel will be the site of the competition, as well as

registration & official weigh-ins. The Doral Golf Resort & Spa is a 5 star resort owned and operated by Donald Trump International. It is one of USA

best golf & spa resort located but 10 minutes from Miami International

Airport & 5 minutes from 2 of Miami’s famous shopping centers and 15 minutes from Miami


At the Doral Golf Resort & Spa you will be able to walk a few meters to the practice, and competition venue, as well as meals. The resort features several pools and nightly entertainment in the lounge club.

Airport transportation will be provided to those staying at the headquarters hotel.




Room & Breakfast

Single:             $200.00 USD per person per night

Double:            $125.00 USD per person per night



Room & full board (Bk/lunch/dinner)

Single:             $260.00 USD per person per night

Double:            $175.00 USD per person per night











The secondary hotel for this Grand Prix is the Holiday Inn which is located approx. 3 blocks from the Headquarters Hotel. The Holiday Inn is a full service 4 star quality hotel with airport transportation provided thru a hotel shuttle. There will NOT be transportation provided from the secondary hotel to the headquarters hotel (competition venue). The hotel may, if shuttle is available, provide transportation to the headquarters hotel.




Holiday Inn

3255 NW 87 Ave - Doral, Florida 33172

Room & Breakfast

Single:             $160.00 USD per person per night

Double:            $100.00 USD per person per night



Room / Breakfast & Dinner

Single:             $185.00 USD

Double:            $115.00 USD per person per night



Hotel reservations are made ONLY through the Organizer on a first come first serve basis.

Hotel reservations must be made before July 15, 2013. Full payment must be received before

July 26, 2013 (Bank transfer account please refer to the below information).



According to the new IJF rule enacted on the 2nd of December 2012 in Tokyo “the Organizing country should not request fee penalties for countries which cannot make bank transfers but can pay in cash money upon arrival. On the other hand, they should inform well in advance

the organizing country and specify the number of participants before the deadline”.



Possible reservations of extra rooms at the check-in will also be surcharged with 10%. NO exceptions will be made. All bank fees and bank transfer costs are to be paid by the participation federation.


August 8th to 11th, 2013




Cancellation fees: up to 30 days before the arrival, full refund. From 30-10 days before the arrival 50% of the payment is refundable. After the July 28, 2013 any cancellation of rooms or no-show will result in 100% of the charge of the hotel costs. Cancelations of the rooms cannot be made at the check-in. Injuries, visa problems or sickness are not valid reasons for cancellation of rooms.


IMPORTANT: All damages to property of hotels or venues resulting from the stay of a national delegation shall be charged to federation and paid in full.


Bank transfer account

(Please input below information correctly and completely on the transfer document, any procedure related to amendment for the bank transfer has to be done by the participation team before arrival to Miami, Florida)


Beneficiary’s Name:                United States Judo, Inc.

Bank Name:                            J.P. Morgan Chase

Bank A/C No:                          2909615748

Bank Address:                         402 Tejon Street, Colorado Springs, Colorado 80903

SWIFT Code:                           CHASUS33












Competitors must be the same nationality as the national federation, which has entered them. Proof of nationality will be required according to the IJF Sport Organization Rules.




Boys and girls 15-16-17 years old, 1996 - 1997 - 1998

Athletes must be born between January 1st 1996 and December 31st 1998. For the competitors who have not attained their majority, the national federation should obtain authority from their parents.




Each National Federation is responsible for its competitors (the control of non-pregnancy as well as the gender control are placed under the responsibility of the National Federations) and must assume all responsibility for accident and health insurance as well as the civil liabilities for their competitors and officials, during the 2013 WORLD CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS.

The organizer of the 2013 WORLD CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS and the IJF will not be responsible for any insurance related to the above mentioned matters. Nevertheless the National Judo Federation staging the 2013 WORLD CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS shall take all necessary actions to provide insurance coverage against civil liability for the entire duration. The organizer of the 2013

€$WORLD CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS and the IJF has no liability for any claims of injury, illness or death arising out of the participation and traveling in connection with these events.




For the Cadets World Championships (boys and girls under 18), each National Federation may enter 10 entries in total for boys and 10 entries for girls. Only a maximum of 2 athletes per category for boys and the same for girls will be allowed. The total delegation of both men and women is a maximum of 20 athletes.


A. Competitor can only be entered in one weight category

B. Only entries of National Judo Federations – IJF Members will be accepted









First Entry (entry by number):                        June 28, 2013

Hotel Reservation:                                          July 15, 2013

Visa request (MUST with Passport Copies):  July 1, 2013

Hotel payment:                                               July 26, 2013

Travel information:                                         July 26, 2013



Final Entry (entry by names): The registration must be done with the IJF online registration system at https://www.judobase.org until July 18, 2013 23:59 CET!

Nations missing the registration deadline will not be allowed to start. No exceptions will be made! All competitors, coaches and officials must be entered in time. After the deadline no additional persons can be added.


€$NOTE: It will be allowed to replace already registered coaches or officials; competitors only in the case of an injury. For any support please contact registration@ijf.org before end of deadline.




The control of entries and issuing of accreditation cards will take place at the Headquarters Hotel

- Doral Golf Resort and Spa

on August 6, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 21:00 PM

on August 7, 2013 from 09:00 AM to 11:59 AM

At least one team official must attend in time to confirm the entries of all athletes and officials with his/her signature. A delayed appearance or no-show at control of entries may result in the exclusion of all participants from the draw and the event. In case of unforeseen delay of arrival the Federation must contact immediately the organizer and the IJF registration team (registration@ijf.org).

An accreditation card with photograph will be issued to competitors, officials and media. This accreditation card should be carried at all times. Passports or photocopy of passports from all competitors must be available on request.


Number of accreditations for officials:

a)    1 – 4 competitors : 4 officials b)     5 – 9 competitors : 6 officials

€$c)    More than 10 competitors : 7 officials

Extra accreditation for delegation members US$ 150 for 4 days.




a. Competition will be conducted in accordance with the latest IJF SOR, IJF Refereeing Rules and IJF Anti-Doping Rules. Especially refer to the New Uniform IJF Tournament System Quarterfinal / last 8 / repechage.


b. Weight categories:


Feather weight up to and including 50 Kg (-50 Kg)

Extra light weight over 50 Kg up to and including 55 Kg (-55 Kg) Half light weight over 55 Kg up to and including 60 Kg (-60 Kg) Light weight over 60 Kg up to and including 66 Kg (-66 Kg)

Half middle weight over 66 Kg up to and including 73 Kg (-73 Kg) Middle weight over 73 Kg up to and including 81 Kg (-81 Kg)

Half heavy weight over 81 Kg up to and including 90 Kg (-90 Kg) Heavy weight over 90 Kg (+90 Kg)


August 8th to 11th, 2013









Feather weight up to and including 40 Kg (-40 Kg)

Extra light weight over 40 Kg up to and including 44 Kg (-44 Kg) Half light weight over 44 Kg up to and including 48 Kg (-48 Kg) Light weight over 48 Kg up to and including 52 Kg (-52 Kg)

€$Half weight over 52 Kg up to and including 57 Kg (-57 Kg) Middle weight over 57 Kg up to and including 63 Kg (-63 Kg) Half heavy weight over 63 Kg up to and including 70 Kg (-70 Kg)

Heavy weight over 70 Kg (+70 Kg)


€c. Duration of contest: MEN & WOMEN: Five (4) minutes (real time). The “Golden score” with no time limit. Referees’ decision is cancelled.




Referees are appointed by IJF Refereeing Commission.




a. The weigh-in will be carried out in accordance with the IJF SOR, Article 16.

In the cadets age category competitors will not be requested to remove their underclothing and an additional 100 grams will be allowed for their weight categories limits.

€$b. The athlete’s official weigh in will be scheduled the day before the competition at 19:00. A weigh in will be operated the morning of the competition (for testing), during the Judogi control, prior to the first fight.

Unofficial weigh-in: 18:30 to 18:59 (the day before) Official weigh-in: 19:00 to 19:30 (the day before)

c. Weigh-in will be held at Headquarters Hotel – Doral Golf Resort & Spa



14. DRAW

a. The draw will be conducted at 14:00 on August 7, 2013 at the Headquarters Hotel

Doral Golf Resort & Spa

b. Each National Federation must send a delegate to attend the Draw, a maximum of three (3)

delegates per National Federation (2 officials and 1 athletes’ delegate) will be authorized.

c. For the Cadets World Championships according to a special ranking for seeding, consisting of: medal winners of the previous WCJ / medal winners of the previous WCC / finalists of the continental championships cadets. For the rest of the draw separation by nations will be respected.




National Federation will have to pay an entry fee of fifty (50) US Dollars for each competitor before the event to the IJF General TREASURER

Beneficiary Name:      International Judo Federation

Iban:                            HU05 1176 4056 4279 2019 0000 0000

Bank Name:                OTP Bank Plc

Bank Address:             Deak Ferenc U. 7-9

1052 Budapest, Hungary

Swift Code:                 OTPVHUHB



As a last resort these fees can be paid at the Control of Nations for the championships. After the Control of Nations, under no condition shall refunds be given.








a. Approved judogi: Competitors should wear an IJF approved judogi supplied by one of the following manufacturers: Greenhill, SFJAM NORIS, DANRHO, MIZUNO, Double D Adidas, HAYAKAWA, Fighting Film, Budo Sport AG, ESSIMO, MATSURU B.V.


b. Judogi Control: It will be operated with a sokuteiki by IJF Education Commission prior to the fight. Judogi must have an IJF Official Label “APPROVED JUDOGI” with an optical code which cannot be falsified. The label will be controlled with an optical lamp. Each of the competition clothing articles (jacket, trousers and belt) must have an IJF official label.


c. Backnumber: Each competitor is obliged to have sewn on the back of his judogi a backnumber bearing his surname and his National Olympic Committee abbreviation. The backnumbers must be fixed horizontally and centered on the back of the judogi. They must be placed at a distance of 3cm from the bottom of the collar. The backnumber can only be ordered from www.ijfbacknumber.com or www.mybacknumber.com


d. Advertising: Competitors should carry on the back of their jacket the IJF and organizer dedicated sponsors of the event.

Advertising on the judogi must be in compliance with the IJF regulations. Refer to Guidance of Judogi Control Document published on 15.06.2011.


€€$$e. National Emblem: Athletes can have their national emblem on the left front part of the jacket within a space of 100cm2.


N.B It is the responsibility of the judoka to comply with the IJF regulation rules.

A control weigh-in (for testing) will be operated the morning of the competition, during the judogi control, prior to the first fight.




Female contestants shall wear under the jacket either, a plain white or off-white tee-shirt, with short sleeves, rather strong, long enough to be worn inside the trousers, or a plain white or off-white leotard with short sleeves. The white Tee-shirt should be round necked. No marking can be visible when the judogi is done up. All other regulations must be adhered to.




$Code of behavior of coaches as defined in the Sports and Organization Rules, Annex 4 will be strictly observed, inclusive the Dress Code.

€- Coaches are not allowed to give indications to the competitors while they are fighting.

- Only during the pause time (after Mate), coaches will be permitted to give indications to their athletes.

- After the pause is finished, and the fight continues (hajime), coaches will have to keep silent again.

- If a coach doesn´t follow these rules, he can be expelled from the competition area.

- If the coach persists with his behavior from outside the competition area, he could be penalized.




The anti-doping control will include in each category:

a. the winner of the category

b. one of the three other medal winners

August 8th to 11th, 2013





As per draw (for b) carried out in accordance with the Anti-doping Rules and the Sport and

€$Organization Rules of the IJF.



The competitors have to report to the Doping Control Station not later than 60 min after signed Notification form, in writing by the Physician mandated by the IJF must follow the indications leading them to the check station. In that period of 60 min, it is allowed for the athletes to take part in the awarding ceremony and to fill their commitments to the press. They are constantly accompanied by persons from the organization from the time they receive their notice until they reach the check station. A person of their choice (team doctor, coach, trainer, delegation head...) may accompany the competitors. The draw is made during the competition before the start of the finals block.



20. AWARDS AND PRIZES (US$ 50,000)

The organizer shall provide for presentation:

A certificate of participation for each participant. Medals, diploma and Prizes:

First place: Gold medal, diploma, and US$1,700

Second place: Silver medal, diploma and US$850

Two Third places: Bronze medals, diplomas and US$300 for each

Four Fifth places: Diplomas




Training sessions will begin August 6, 2013 at the Headquarters Hotel – Doral Golf Resort and Spa. Planning and scheduling of the training sessions will be organized taking into consideration the request made by National Federation everyday on the basis first request done first served. Requests are to be made upon arrival.



22. VISA

The Organizer is happy to help any country with obtaining visa for athletes and officials. For nations, who need VISA to enter the United States of America, please send the Organizer as soon as possible (latest July 1, 2013) list of participants according to visa application form with full names, passport numbers, date of birth, and positions (MUST send together with scanned

Passport Copies according to the relevant updated requirement of the United States Government). Please send this information to Laura Diaz at USAJUDO@USAJUDO.US USA Judo will provide you with an official letter of invitation to submit to your respective USA Embassy/Consulate General so that they may verify that you and your athletes have been invited to the 2013 WORLD CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS in Miami. Please allow ample time to apply for your visa.





The Organizer will provide free of charge transportation for competing delegations: Transfer to and from

Miami International Airport from/to Headquarter Hotel (Doral Golf Resort & Spa).




Many countries are taking the opportunity to train and get acclimated prior to Worlds. Training camp will be held August 1-6, with arrivals on July 31st. Participation fee is $100 per person. More details to follow. Please contact Denise Thomas, USA Judo, via email denise.thomas@usajudo.us no later than Friday, June 14.










All National Federations, officials, coaches and athletes participating in the 2013 WORLD CADET CHAMPIONSHIPS have to respect and accept the authority of the IJF officials, the Statutes, the Sports and Organization Rules, the Refereeing Rules of the International Judo Federation, as well as the IJF Anti-doping Rules. According to the IJF Rules and SOR Provisions (point 23.8), individuals deemed to have acted against the IJF, its principles or purposes shall be subject to suspension or expulsion from the event and/or cancellation of their accreditation cards.




The competitors wearing their white judogi (no shoes) will stand behind the podium according to the following order 2,1,3,3. Every competitor having won a medal has to attend the ceremony and receive his medal in person. If a competitor is absent during the awarding ceremony for no valid reasons he will lose the right for the medal. It is strictly forbidden for competitors on the podium to bring national flags or the similar identification other than the one represented in the regular manner on their equipment. Any demonstration of religious, political, personal or commercial sign is prohibited and so is wearing a cap or any other head cover.




Plans are underway to offer participants special tours to visit Walt Disney World, Universal Studios as well as tours of the Kennedy Space Center in central Florida. For those who wish to enjoy the beach and sunshine Florida has to offer, tours will also be available for the Florida Keys. Doral Golf Resort & Spa is also home to the world famous Blue Monster Golf course and discount packages will be available.

Tour packet information is now available on our website www.worldcadetchampionshipsmiami.com
















THROUGHAugust 12th, 2013

Miami, FL., USA


















BUILDING BETTERSOCIETIESTHROUGHJFC Seminar at the WC Cadets - August 2013 Miami, FL., USA






Date: 12 august 2013

Participants: National Federation Presidents / Heads of Delegation of the

Teams participating at the Cadets World Championship

National Federation Presidents or Chief Delegates of the Team participating at the Cadets World Championship

Information & Contact











The Global Start

of the Judo For              Program


On August 12th, 2013, right after the Cadets World Championship, in Miami, FL., USA, the IJF Judo for Children commission will organize a semi- nar / workshop entitled “Building better societies through Judo”.

During the seminar, the JFC commission will share knowledge and emphasize the role judo can play in modern societies towards children. The IJF will pre- sent to federations how to implement the programs and the benefits it will bring to the federations and to the society.







Taking into consideration today’s youth challenges (inactivity of younger generations, growing issue of youth health, violence...), for many years the IJF has been focussing on these issues and wants to help and contribute in building better societies through the values of Judo. That’s why the IJF encourages its national federation members to implement the Judo for Children program at national level.


• Encourage national federations to start and set up JFC programs,

• Share knowledge and expertise (policies, structure, organization, best practices...),

• Get JFC as a primary goal

and a development tool for national federations.



• Welcome and introduction by the IJF President,

• Presentation by JFC commission > vision, goals,

• Presentation by USA Judo > national experience,

• Presentation on how to set up a program,

• Workshop / inspiration > exchanges on new ideas and thoughts, best practices, national and local concerns, questions/answers session,

• Closing remarks,

• Cocktail.



IJF JFC Commission



IJF General Secretary





August 8th to 11th, 2013


















IJF President’s Office HUN 1051 Budapest, Jozsef Attila str. 1 www.ijf.org



IJF General  Secretariat

Fédération Française de Judo

21-25 Avenue de la Porte de Châtillon

F-75 680 Paris Cedex 14 France




IJF Lausanne Office

Maison du Sport International Av. de Rhodanie 54, CH-1007 Lausanne www.ijf.org