Circle of 100 - Platinum

Celita Schutz

Three-Time Olympian
Fair Lawn, NJ 

 Celita began training at a young age Kokushi Dojo, in Westwood, NJ.

She became nationally ranked at age 14 and internationally ranked at age 16.

She is a three-time Olympian who served as Captain of the 1996 
US Olympic Women's Judo Team; she also won six national championships and was two-times the US Olympic Committees Athlete of the Year for Judo. Besides her financial contributions to USA Judo, Celita currently gives back to the sport through operating her own dojo Kokushi Kai Academy in Fair Lawn, New Jersey as well as coaching members of the Visually Impaired team for the US. 

Noboru Saito

Olympic Referee
Clawson, MI

Mr. Noboru Saito is a 7th Degree Blackbelt who served as a referee at the 2004 Olympic Games and in two World Championships. As head Sensei at Saito Dojo, he is a lifelong supporter of judo who is well known for his constant work fund raising for judo related programs and athletes on the local, state and national level. He currently serves on the USA Judo Board of Directors as well as on the Audit Committee for USA Judo while continuing to work at the state level as President of Michigan Judo Development Association.


Dorrie LeForce
Dallas, TX

Dorrie LeForce is the spouse of the President of Texas Judo; Jeffrey LeForce.  A Vanderbuilt graduate, she serves as a Director at Baylor Health Care Systems and Health TexasProvider Network. Though Mrs. LeForce is not a judo practitioner herself, she has frequently supported events as a spectator and volunteer.


Jeff LeForce

President of Texas Judo
Dallas, TX

A long time member of Fort Worth Judo Club, Jeff LeForce has served USA Judo in a variety of capacities including being a member of the USA Judo Judicial Committee and serving as President of Texas Judo, one of the largest state organizations in the country. He is also a third degree black belt who competed on the national level as an athlete. LeForce is currently the owner of LeForce Law PLLC.


Jim Peterson

President of Wisconsin Judo
Milwaukee, WI

Jim Peterson currently serves as the head Sensei at Wahadachi Judo Club. Avidly involved in USA Judo, he has competed and medaled in the Masters categories at the National Championships multiple times. He currently serves as President of Wisconsin Judo and has assisted on various committees for USA Judo. He also coached his son, Josh Peterson who was a National Champion and a US Team member.

Tom Seabasty

A Level Referee
Colonia, NJ

Tom Seabasty is well known for his contributions in both coaching and refereeing. Seabasty , an A Level referee, served as a referee at the World Championships and several other prestigious international events. He has also had a successful dojo, Seabasty's Judo,  for many years where competitors such as Mike Swain have been known to train. As a retired police officer, he continues to give back to the community  as well as the judo community through coaching, his financial support and his involvement in the multiple judo events.

Bert Mackey

National Masters Champion
Seattle, WA

Bert Mackey actively supports USA Judo on many levels. Well known as a multiple time National Masters Champion and former elite athlete, he has served on the USA Judo Junior Development and the Masters Committees, as well as coaching and managing with the US Team. Mackey also served as President of Washington State Judo. He currently the Sensei at Budokan where he has coached athletes such as 4x Olympian Sandra Bacher and Olympic alternate Michael Barnes.


Joon Chi

Olympic Referee
Edina, MN 

Joon Chi is best known as one of the top referees in the world. He has participated in virtually every US national competition often as the head refereee. On the international level his participation includes the multiple Olympic Games, Paralympics, World Championships, World University Games, Panamerican Games and Panamerican Championships. He was inducted to the Panamerican Judo Union Hall of Fame in 2009. His contributions to judo also include his past travels where he taught judo seminars  throughout the world. He currently serves on the USA Judo Referees Commission. 


Atilano “AV” Perez

 State Referee
Harlingen, TX

Atilano "AV" Perez is a long time contributor to USA Judo.  He has served as a referee in the State of Texas and also was active with the national training site when it was located in Harlingen. As a fourth degree black belt he has coached judo as well as spent time refereeing in tournaments throughout Texas.


Dr. James Lally

US Team Doctor
Upland, CA

Dr. James Lally is a long time and highly respected supporter of the Olympic movement. Dr. Lally serves as president of Chino Youth Boxing, Chairman of the International Shooting Sports Federation Medical Committee, is involved with the International Olympic Committee Medical Committee, and has served as the team physician for the United States Olympic Shooting Team since 1993. Professionally he has served as the Chief Medical Officer of Chino Valley Medical Center and as the President of the American Osteopathic Foundation. Lally has a passion for supporting amateur sports including judo. 

Jerry Cypert

Coach & Referee

Fox Lake, WI

Jerry Cypert is a 5th degree Black Belt in Judo. He started his martial arts training in the art of Judo in 1961. He is currently head coach at Hogosha Judo Club in Wisconsin.  As well as coaching students, Cypert regularly supports USA Judo through his attendance at national events, various meetings and on the mat as a referee. 

Andrew Connelly

Coach & Referee
Spring, TX

An 8th degree black belt instructor, Andrew Connelly, is a life long martial artist who has served both as an Army Ranger Instructor and a Houston police officer. His contributions to USA Judo include refereeing, Lifetime Membership and coaching at multiple national and international events with his students. He currently serves as the Chief Instructor of the School of Hard Knocks in Spring, Texas.  The school has produced multiple national medalist and continues to thrive.

In 2014 significantly contributed to the Matching Grant program.


Edie Connelly

 Coach & Referee
Spring, TX

Edie Connelly is national referee and 5th degree black belt that currently coaches at the successful School of Hard Knocks in Spring, Texas. A faithful donor to USA Judo, Edie also is a Lifetime Member. Professionally her accomplishments include serving as an elected judge for Montgomery County. Her experience on the bench was preceded by her work as a Detective Sergeant with the Montgomery County Sheriff's Department. She continues to give back to the community by coaching youth in the sport of judo.

In 2014 significantly contributed to the Matching Grant program.


 Pete Catlos
Peter Catlos

National Masters Medalist

Ft. Gratiot, MI

Pete Catlos has been active in the sport of judo for close to 15 years. As a student of Sensei Noboru Saito and Sensei Jerry Wee he has experienced significant success in the national Masters competitions. He is also active as a referee at the local level.  Catlos is a regular supporter of USA Judo through his financial contributions as well as his attendance at national and international events as a spectator and a competitor.

Eric Spears

Eric Spears
National Coach and Referee
Chevy Chase, MD

Eric Spears is the former President of Maryland Judo. Active in judo for many years he is a certified National Coach,  a Referee and Class A Instructor. Mr. Spears has also regularly supported USA Judo through attending some of our events as a contributor including the World Cup. He is currently a Yodan and an instructor at College Park Judo Club.
Leo White

Leo White
Olympian and USA Judo Board of Directors
Atlanta, GA

Mr. Leo White Jr., a two-time Olympian with 18 National Judo titles, 4 World Military Championships and numerous other accolades. Mr. White is running for his second term as the Coaching Director for the USA Judo Board of Directors.
A 7th degree black belt, Sensei White is presently serving on the US Kodokan Promotion Board. The Kodokan is one of th eoriginal schools in Tokyo Japan founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano, the founder of Judo.
Sensei White is urrently and international Coach and the Team Leader for the 2008 U.S. Olympic Judo Team competing in China.

He was also the U.S. Team Leader for the 2007 World Championships and the Team Leader for the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.
SuperJudo TV is focused on Judo techniques and competition strategy which Sensei White has used during his career as a world class Judo champion. The show is filmed in High Definition on location in Atlanta Georgia.

Devin Cohen

USA Judo Board of Directors
Brooklyn, NY

Mr. Devin Cohen, a lifelong student of Judo, began his journey in the early 1970s.
He has been fortunate to be a student of Sensei Ryohei and the late Rusty Kanokogi since early in his judo career. Devin holds the rank of Yodan (4th Dan), and serves as Club Captain and teaching staff of Kyushu Judo Club, as well as Assistant Coach of the NYU-Polytechnic University Judo Team.
Devin knows that Judo is sport for life, and has had the pleasure of working with students from 4 to 70+, and every age in between.
He has taught competitive, collegiate, and purely recreational players. Devin competed locally and nationally, including seven Senior Nationals in various senior shiai and kata devisions, and is a two-time Sr. Nationals medalist in kata. Devin is an active, working IJF-B (Continental) referee. He has had the honor to server USA Judo as the Manager/Team Leader of the U.S. Judo Team, around the world, throughout The Americas, Europe and Asia.
He has managed various junior and senior teams, including two World Championships level events. Devin holds a Bachelor of Science from Indiana University and a Juris Doctor from Brooklyn Law School. He practiced extensively as a litigator, mediator, and arbitrator, before being elected to the bench in 2008.
Devin currently serves as a Judge in the New York State Courts. Devin lives in New York City with his terrific wife and their two amazing sons.

Dr. Joan Miller

PJC Referee
Hillsboro, OR

Jim Webb

USA Judo Board of Directors and PJC Referee
Dallas, TX


Jim Webb is an 8th Degree Black Belt whose service to USA Judo has included being on the Board of Directors, the National Promotion Board, the Finance and Audit Committee, and as President of a Group A organization.

He is a PJC international referee, a national coach, a former international competitor and has recently won the National Masters Championship numerous times. At the local level, he has won numerous state championships and has served as both the Treasurer and State Promotion Chair for Texas Judo for more than two decades.

He is certified in kata at the Kodokan.

Lynn Thursby

Cedar Hill, TX

Senior Chief Robert Donaldson

President, Maryland Judo Inc
Hyattsville, MD


Senior Chief Bobby Donaldson, a 6th degree Black Belt, is the product of the United States Marine Corps Judo system of the early 1970's in San Diego, Ca.

All of his Sensei(s) had the distinction of U.S. Marines; MGySgt Jose Francisco Rios Jr, MSGT Jesse Jones, GYSGT William (Bill) Dye, MSGT Benjamin McKay, and SGTMAJ E.L.B. Mayfield.

Bobby competed in shiai throughout California as a pre-teen, served on Active Duty at age 17 and retired in 2009, after spending more than a decade exclusively assigned abroad (England, Japan, Bahrain, Guam). Upon retirement, Bobby asked 'how he can best serve and give back to Judo'? The answer was provide Refereeing; which is exactly where you can find him at various Judo tournaments throughout this country.

Bobby is the President of Maryland Judo Inc.