Mr. Shigeyuki "Ace" Sukigara

USA Judo Lifetime Achievement Award

Judo, a lifelong passion and way, has been the basis for direction and purpose for Shigeyuki “Ace” Sukigara since childhood. He first began training in Judo in his hometown of Nagoya, Japan. He has represented the United States in cultural exchange programs with Japan and studied directly under Professor Jigaro Kato’s son. He has won multiple medals at events such as the Collegiate Nationals, the Senior National Masters, and the AAU National Championships. His first judo club was founded in 1966 and still exists today in Colleyville, Texas.  He continues to teach today producing national and international champions alike. His contributions include serving on the Texas and US Judo Federation Board of Examiners and being a national referee. His dream of sharing judo has provided for after school youth leadership programs, judo classes for special community groups, and those with special needs.