The two  IJF Junior Male Athletes and the two IJF Junior Female athletes, who competed in IJF Juniors at the 2013 USA Judo Scholastic & Youth Nationals, who are not in the same weight division, and who have the highest individual division point totals on the IJF Junior roster produced after  the conclusion of the 2013 USA Judo Junior Olympic National Championships will become the two Male and Female Wild Cards that will compete in the 2013 Junior World Championships.

(Note: if an athlete has points in more than one division, those points cannot be combined.)

World Championships Junior USA Team
Name Coach Club Weight
Alex Hyatt Billy Worthington Cahills Judo Academy 44kg
Syria Rhodes Mike Swain San Jose State 48kg
Maria Dhami Bill Stevens BJC -52kg
Teshya Alo Vince Sokugawa PCHJC 57kg
Alisha Galles Tony Mojica Mojica Judo 63kg
Sophia Swain Mike Swain San Jose State 70kg
Jaclyn Beed Pat Burris USA Stars -78kg
Mackenzie Williams Bert Becerra Becerra Judo +78kg
Ashlyn White
Gerinerdo Navarro, Jr. Somerset Academy-Panther Judo Club 48kg
Lauren Baez Jhonny Prado Ki-Itsu-Sai National Training Center 63kg
Name Coach Club Weight
Adonis Diaz Yoladis Abrev Budokan 55kg
George Truong Eddie Liddie / Brett Wolf OTC 60kg
Tyler Yonemori Jimmy Pedro Pedro's Judo / Team Force 66kg
Everet Desilets Serge Bouyssou Mayo Quenchi 73kg
Steve Perez Evelio Budokan 81kg
David Gilkarov Arkadiy Aronov Spartak 90kg
L.A. Smith III Mike Swain San Jose State 100kg
Akbarzhan Iminov Arkadiy Aronov Spartak +100kg
Akbarzhan Iminov Arkadiy Aronov Spartak Open
Jack Hatton Jason Morris Jason Morris Judo Center 81kg
Inserra William G Maurice Allan Sport Judo 66 kg