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The Junior Athlete Performance Committee approved motions to:
Create a head-start opportunity for young athletes, allowing them to compete up an age bracket at certain USA Judo Elite Athlete Roster point events; and to restructure and streamline the junior point system.

Below are the motions:


“Commencing in 2014 USA Judo will permit any Junior age athlete, including all categories from Bantam through IJF Junior, who is in the last six months of his or her eligibility, leading up to December 31 of that year, to compete in a given age bracket, to CHOOSE to enter USA Judo Elite Athlete Roster point events in the next age bracket. That athlete will NOT be able to compete in his or her “old” age bracket and the “new” one at the same event. Instead, he or she will need to choose ONE age bracket for each point event in the second half of each applicable year. The athlete who chooses to compete in the older category may begin to accumulate points in the new category beginning July 1 of each year, BUT he or she will not be able to use those points in the new division until January 1 of the year that actually ages them into the new division.

This will take effect immediately and will be in force for 2014 and subsequent competition years.


Change the Junior point system as follows:

  1. Only USA Judo National events will have 10-6-4 points awarded - Junior Olympics and Scholastic and Youth Nationals
  2. Junior Olympic International 5-3-2 points
  3. Class A member - USJA USJF Junior Nationals 5-3-2 points
  4. President Cup Juniors, Jr US Open and Junior Committee identified events will be 2-1-1/2 point - up to 6 regional
  5. The above provisions to take effect for 2015

2015 is an important year for USA Judo Junior members.

The year 2015 will be important for Junior and Cadet Judo throughout the World as there will be World Championships held for both age groups.

The age divisions for 2015 include birth years 1995 - 2000 for the IJF Junior category that will be eligible for the Junior World Championships and birth years 1998 - 2000 for the Cadet World Championships. 

To aid you in making your decisions regarding domestic competitions and point tournaments, 
we have prepared the following consolidated information below. The matrix below will take
effect on February 17, 2015 and at each of the subsequent domestic events, Juniors can earn
USA Judo Elite Athlete Roster points.

Download a printable copy