2016 Hall of Fame Honorary Members Inductees

Karen Collins - Collins has been involved with the sport of field hockey for the better part of four decades. Her involved started when she spent 8 years teaching and coaching high school level field hockey. In 1984 she was appointed head coach of the University of Michigan field hockey program and spent four seasons with the Wolverines. Departing from the coaching world, she transitioned her career to work within the organization USA Field Hockey. She has been a dedicated part of the staff for the past 27 years having served in various roles including Director of National Teams, Head of Membership and Interim Executive Director. She has acted as the liaison to the United States Olympic Committee, liaison to NBC for the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games and covered media operations for the Atlanta Games and was heavily involved with the Road to Atlanta events and campaigns. "KC" as she is known to most is currently the Director of Event Logistics for USA Field Hockey in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Roque Viegas - Viegas has actively participated at the national and international level as a USA player, umpire, coach, technical official, coordinator, committee member and administrator for more than 30 years. Some accomplishments are being an umpire judge at the 1992 Junior Pan American Games in Havana, Cuba and statistician at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. He was on the chair organizing committee at the first Indoor Pan American Cup in 2002 and the organizer of umpires at the 2009 Women's Junior World Cup in Boston, Mass. He was the Chair of International Development Committee of USA Field Hockey's Umpire Development Committee and a member of the Pan American Hockey Federation's Umpiring and Competitions Committees. From 2004-2012 he has been heavily involved with development programs including the organizing committee of the JFK Tournament, organizer of an umpires seminar at Champions Challenge and  co-founder and organizing committee chair of the North American Premier (Indoor) League (NAPL).

Allan Woods (deceased) - An influential figure in the evolution of men's field hockey in the United States, Woods spent the better part of six decades involved as a player and administrator. As a result, he traveled to more than 30 countries across 6 continents, including attending in a variety of official capacities, every summer Olympic Games between 1976-2004 (except the boycotted Moscow Games in 1980). In addition to being a former U.S. Men's National Team player, he served as president of the Field Hockey Association of America, a director of the Pan American Hockey Federation, a council member and chairman of the Equipment Committee for the International Hockey Federation and a member of the United States Olympic Committee. He always tried to encourage the next generation to get involved in extra curricular activities and to create opportunities for them to do so. For this reason, he was most satisfied with the work he did serving as a past president of the New York Amateur Sports Alliance and as a Development Organizer for the Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation, organizations that support these endeavors. Woods passed away in 2015 at the age of 85.

Hall of Fame Honorary Members Inductees

 Name  Year of Induction
 Constance M. K. Applebee (England)  1926
 Helen G. Armfield (England)  1922
 W. A. Baumann (England)  1937
 Helen Bina (Midwest)  1952
 Frances Blomfield (Great Lakes)
 Elizabeth Burger Jackson (Southeast)
 Hilda Burr (England)  1922
 H. Crawhall-Wilson (Scotland)  1922
 Karen Collins (Colorado)  2016
 Elizabeth Cooper (Southeast)
 Joyce Cran Barry (NE)
 Ethlyn A. Davis (New Atlantic)
 Sophie Dickson
 Gertrude East (Scotland)  1922
 Audrey Erickson (New Atlantic)
 Anna Espenschade (Pacific SW)
 Helen Ferguson (Philadelphia)  1926
 May P. Fogg (New England)  1949
 Tom Harris  2014
 Carol Haussermann (NE)
 Ellen Hawver (Mideast)
 Pat Hayes
 Pam Hixon
 Sylvia Hoffa (South Africa)  1950
 Frances Homer (SE)
 Gertrude Hooper (New England)  1939
 Nan Hunt (England)  1922
 G.M. Inglis (Scotland)  1922
 Steve Jennings
 Bev Johnson (Pacific SE)
 Ethel Kloberg (New Atlantic)
 Linda Kreiser 
 Mrs. Edward B. Krumbhaar (Philadelphia)  1926
 Ruth Lajoie
 Anne Le Delano  1953
 Anne LeDuc (Philadelphia) 
 Hilda Light (England)  1937
 Leslie Milne
 Alfreda Mosscrop (NE)
 Sophie Pearson (England)  1922
 Marion Pettit (Pacific SW)
 Frances Pierce (Great Lakes)  1955
 Betty Richey (NE)
 Grace Robertson (NE)
 Harriet H. Rogers (SE)
 Bessis Rudd (NE)
 Nancy Sawin (New Atlantic)
 Betty Shellenberger 
 Jen Shillingford (Philadelphia)
 Marjorie Strang (New Atlantic)
 Barbara Strebeigh (Philadelphia)  1952
 Bess Taylor (New Atlantic)
 Sharon Taylor 
 Edith Thompson (England)  1937
 Bea Toner (New Atlantic)
 Anne G. Toomey (New England)  1946
 Anne B. Townsend (Philadelphia)  1933
 Roque Viegas  2016
 Harriet Walton (SE)
 Cecily Warner (England)  1922
 Phyllis Weikert (Great Lakes)
 Cynthia Wesson (Midwest)  1929
 Jackie Westervelt (Philadelphia)
 Sally Wilkins (Mideast)
 Elizabeth Williams (Philadelphia)  1972
 Allan Woods  2016