How Clubs Can Get Involved with Fundamental Field Hockey

Step 1: Click here to register for Fundamental Field Hockey online

Step 2: Find the right Hosts

  • Decide on how many programs your club can partner with
  • Maybe team up with another club in the area “share” Hosts
  • Suggest potential Hosts in your area that you would like to work with
  • Encourage Hosts to apply by sending them the PDF application or online link
  • Make sure the organization requests your club!

Step 3: Your club will assist the Host by providing support, staffing and guidance as needed.

Step 4: Make it work for you! Fundamental Field Hockey is versatile, it can be run as:

  • An afterschool 2 week clinic or a physical education class at an elementary school
  • A summer camp at your local YMCA
  • Parks and Rec seasonal league
  • A U12 tournament with other programs in the area to conclude the program
  • Plus much more!

Step 5: When Fundamental Field Hockey program is concluded, your club is encouraged to welcome all interested Fundamental Field Hockey participants as new U12 Members!

Some other ideas for finding hosts:

  • Be proactive! Send potential hosts the application and information about Fundamental Field Hockey. This way you can pick Hosts that are convenient for your club.
  • Contact a high schools feeder elementary schools or an entire school district, for a more concentrated effort.
  • Use your U16 and U19 student athletes to help! They are always looking for community service hours.
  • You can also contact the Youth Development Team for assistance in locating hosts