How are Clubs involved?

Clubs are an essential part of Fundamental Field Hockey. Any USA Field Hockey Member Club is invited to ‘partner’ with a Fundamental Field Hockey Host within a 50 mile radius. The club staff will provide guidance and support to the Host throughout the Fundamental Field Hockey program, as needed. But most importantly, the Club will provide sustainability for boys and girls who chose to continue with field hockey after their program is complete.

What is the criteria for Fundamental Field Hockey Clubs?

  • Must be a USA Field Hockey Member Club
  • Must be within 50 miles of the Host
  • Club must have a current or forecasted trainings for new members ages 7-11
  • Must assist the Host, as needed

What are the benefits for Fundamental Field Hockey clubs?

  • New youth members!
  • Your club will be recognized as an organization dedicated to growing the sport
  • An excellent opportunity to give back to the game
  • Increased marketing opportunities on and in FH Life magazine
  • Your club will be searchable as a Fundamental Field Hockey Club on our new interactive map!

How do I register?

Clubs can register to become a part of Fundamental Field Hockey by logging into their USA Field Hockey accounts. To do this, click the 'Register' tab to the left. While registering, you can suggest Hosts in your area or the Youth Development Team will then partner your club with a Host within 50 miles.

What is my time commitment to assisting the host?

That depends! If your local Host is an YMCA with full staff who are confident in coaching and teaching the Fundamental Field Hockey curriculum, your role will likely be minimal. However, if the Host in your area is an after school program at an elementary school held by a single teacher, you or your staff/athletes might have to assist with one or all of the sessions. The Youth Development Team will work with each Host and Club to find a balance that is best for the kids!

I am a club, can I just receive Fundamental Field Hockey equipment?

Unfortunately no, at this time Clubs are not eligible to host Fundamental Field Hockey. USA Field Hockey is attempting to not only develop our sport, but increase exposure. We want to put sticks in the hands of kids who have not yet discovered field hockey. Rather than having to recruit those kids, we will go to where the kids already are! They are in schools and at rec centers right now learning other sports, why not field hockey?

As a club, you will partner with these schools and organizations. So that once the Fundamental Field Hockey program is complete, your club can continue to develop these athletes.

Are there any other opportunities for equipment grants?

Clubs in need of equipment are always invited to apply for our USA Field Hockey Equipment Grant Program. The Grant Program, Play It Forward, will launch in late summer 2012.

For more information please contact the  USA Field Hockey Youth Development Team at! You are also welcome to attend our free online webinars. For a complete schedule, click the 'Webinars' tab to the left.