Fundamental Field Hockey is a youth development initiative to expose the sport to thousands of children nationwide by providing free equipment and emphasizing fun physical activity! Since 2012, USA Field Hockey has committed to launching 250 programs annually across the United States in an effort to inspire participation and introduce the sport to boys and girls, ages 7-11. The program teaches the game in its basic form, the FUNdamentals, and has a heavy focus on exciting game play on any smooth surface.

There are two key separate components necessary for Fundamental Field Hockey to be successful.

First, the program will need a host. This host will serve as the primary staff and facility for the program. Who can be a host? Any recreational or educational organization seeking programming for 7-11 year olds. Examples include elementary schools (K-6), YMCAs, parks and recs, community centers, and Boys and Girls Clubs. In addition, the host must have a USA Field Hockey Member Club within 50 miles. Hosts can apply for this programming and equipment, by clicking the 'For Hosts' tab on the left.

The second vital component of Fundamental Field Hockey, the club. Any USA Field Hockey Member Club is invited to ‘partner’ with these hosts. The club staff will provide guidance and support as needed. But most importantly, the club will provide sustainability for boys and girls who chose to continue with field hockey. Clubs can register for this program through their USA Field Hockey account.

And that's how it works! Kids across the nation will have the opportunity to play and be exposed to field hockey in their physical education class, at their local YMCA, or possibly in a parks and rec league. After their Fundamental Field Hockey program is completed, the kids will have the option to continue to play with their local club.

For more information, click the ‘How It Works’ tab to the left. You can also contact the Sport Development Team at