Field hockey is a game for life, whether you are age 7 or 70. 

Masters field hockey, typically for men and women aged 40 and older, is developing fast around the world. Many countries have masters leagues and the International Hockey Federation (FIH) is actively encouraging nations to grow national programs for both high performance and recreational masters field hockey. 

USA Field Hockey encourages everyone who is playing field hockey, who previously played or would like to play, to get involved. USA Field Hockey has developed two, five-person Masters Committees, that are dedicated to developing master playing opportunities locally, regionally and internationally. The U.S. sent a Men's Masters Team to participate in the inaugural FIH Masters World Cup in 2012 and there are plans for USA Field Hockey to send a Women's Team to compete internationally. 

If you are 35 or older and interested in playing masters field hockey, please contact our two Masters Representatives: 

Maria Keesling, Women's Masters and Warren Prestwich, Men's Masters

Masters Program Update February 6, 2016