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The Player Eligibility policy outlines requirements to participate in USA Field Hockey Events, including: Club Affiliation, Enrollment Period, Guest Players

    1. A player must be a USA Field Hockey member in good standing and identify their USA Field Hockey member club affiliation to be eligible to participate with that club in any USA Field Hockey event or USA Field Hockey sanctioned event.
    1. Players may declare a club affiliation at the time of joining or during the open enrollment period.
    2. The open enrollment period is August 1-October 1.
    3. Players may not switch clubs at any time from October 2-July 31.
    1. Clubs may have up to three guest players per tournament per team.
    2. Guest players are members of the club they are affiliated with and are not considered members of the club they are participating with as a guest player.
    3. The guest player must be a USA Field Hockey player member in good standing.
    4. Guest players must be included on the official roster submitted at the start of the event. Guest players may not switched teams after the start of the tournament. The start of the tournament is when the first game begins; not when a particular team plays its first game.
    5. Guest players are not permitted for the Regional Club Championship and National Club Championship.
    1. Members requesting to transfer club affiliation must first be released from their current USA Field Hockey member club. The club the athlete is affiliated with must send USA Field Hockey a signed release form (may be electronic) to  
    2. USA Field Hockey is not responsible for enforcing any contractual agreement between the athlete, the athlete’s family, or the member club. These are matters between the club(s) and the athlete or athlete’s family.
    3. Once released, USA Field Hockey members in good standing may affiliate with another USA Field Hockey member club.
    4. If the athlete’s club will not release the athlete application of release may be sent to The application will be reviewed and a final decision will be determined by the Executive Director.
    5. Members may only petition to change club affiliation one time outside of the open enrollment period each year.
    6. Coach, Umpire, Lifetime, and Adult members may change their affiliation at any time without completing a Club Affiliation Transfer Request. Please email to request that your club affiliation be changed.
    1. At this time Events where Affiliation policy is in place:
      1. Disney’s Field Hockey Showcase
      2. Regional Club Championship
      3. National Club Championship
      4. National Hockey Festival (2012 and onward)
    2. At this time Events where Affiliation policy is not in place:
      1. National Indoor Tournament
      2. National Indoor Tournament Qualifiers
      3. Disney Jr. Field Hockey Showcase

    * USA Field Hockey reserves the right to modify, alter, amend, or eliminate the policy at any time without notice at its sole discretion. 


    CLICK HERE to download or print the Club Affiliation Transfer Request Form (pdf)