The Turf Heats up with Exciting Play at Cal Cup

May 23, 2014, 5:32 p.m. (ET)

The Turf Heats up with Exciting Play at Cal Cup

Yesterday evening, two Under-16 Boys and one Under-21 Men’s games officially began the 43rd California Cup. The investment and increased time that has been given to boys development through the regional high performance sites was apparent in the squads elevated level of play.

“The Under-21 game was a fantastic start to the tournament,” said U.S. Men’s National Team Head Coach Chris Clements “The level of skill, speed and tactical execution has improved, all due to the increased time training and competing within the regional high performance and developmental sites.”

East Coast jumped out to an early lead against the Ventura County Red Devils (VCRD) and managed to create a 2-0 advantage by the break. VCRD was not about to let the game get away and immediately struck back with two quick goals in the second half. This resulted in some very entertaining hockey for the crowd in the final 20 minutes and a corner at the end of regulation for VCRD. VCRD could not break the deadlock, resulting in a 2-2 final score.

This morning in the Under-21 division, Northern California played East Coast. Both teams were evenly matched throughout the contest. East Coast took the early lead 1-0 and held that through the remainder of the first half. Northern California managed to gain momentum in the second half and create a number of close scoring opportunities. They were rewarded for their efforts and took a 2-1 victory. Later today, Northern California will play against VCRD.

The Men's Super Division is also underway and provides a great spectacle for the younger players to look up to and learn from.

It is shaping up to be great weekend of hockey in California!