USA Field Hockey Weekly Report

May 06, 2014, 3:51 p.m. (ET)

USA Field Hockey Weekly Report - Week of May 5, 2014

What a great week this past week was. Our USA Field Hockey National Women’s Team succeeded in winning gold in Glasgow, Scotland at the Champions Challenge and have now qualified for the FIH’s Champions Trophy to be held in 2016. The tournament was a gritty competition with our team turning out top-level performances throughout the week. In actual fact, with Craig Parnham’s new leadership of this team and the excellent contributions made by his staff, plus the superb performance from the athletes on the team, we seem to be entering a new era for USA Field Hockey in international competition. While that stake has been driven, we also must realize that international competition is unlike any other due to its intensity. We are on an upward trajectory, but Craig, his staff, and the team members recognize that there are still miles to go and much work ahead to reach Top 6 status. Last week’s competition was certainly a big step in that direction.

Also last week, we continued our very productive dialogue with Leandro Negre’, president of the FIH and its CEO Kelly Fairweather. Both Leandro and Kelly feel that the USA can become a legitimate contender in FIH circles both from a competitive standpoint and also in the commerce of the sport. We will continue toward developing a set of strategies to meet that end during the upcoming FIH World Cup in the Netherlands in June.

USA Field Hockey is gearing up for its newest program launch in less than 10 days with Olympic Youth Camps registration opening on Thursday, May 15th. The camps, which take place at 15 locations across the country this summer, will provide an additional playing opportunity for boys and girls, ages 7-13. Youngsters will have the unique opportunity to play alongside Olympians and National Team athletes during an authentic Olympic experience that will include photo and autograph opportunities with the athletes, fun games and activities, and of course, learning field hockey skills from the best. Olympic Youth Camps continues USA Field Hockey’s commitment to developing the game at the grassroots level. For more information and camp dates, click here. Spots are limited.

We want to thank each and every of you who have contacted our staff regarding running the FUNdamental Field Hockey Program. Through many of your connections, we've had an influx of interest in growing the game at the grassroots level and, as we all know, increasing participation at the youth level will only benefit our Olympic and National Teams moving forward. Currently, USA Field Hockey has 91 new programs signed up in 2014! After 2 years, interest levels continue to grow, but Liz Tchou, 1996 Olympian and Sport Development Senior Manager, and her team are always looking for other possible program hosts. Thank you again to hosts, the 98 clubs that assist each program and the communities that have embraced youth hockey. Your support is crucial to the growth and sustainability of the sport locally and regionally. Any questions you might have regarding youth development or how to grow the game in your area, please contact Liz Tchou at or 910-933-4415 or Simone Attles at Or click here to apply for FUNdamental Field Hockey!

Some of you may have received an election notice from Election America last week regarding an election on proposed articles of amendments. As of now, USA Field Hockey’s Articles of Incorporation (“Articles”) are written to provide the Membership the power to change the bylaws, and conversely, USA Field Hockey’s Bylaws provide the Board of Directors the power to change the bylaws. Therefore, the Board of Directors have initiated a special election with the purpose of three points, 1. to correct the inconsistency between the Articles and the Bylaws by providing the Board of Directors with the power to amend the Bylaws, 2. to provide that the voting rights of USA Field Hockey members may, from time to time, be limited as set forth in the Bylaws, and 3. to state that the corporation has voting members, which is a statement required to be in the Articles. The US Olympic Committee has expressed their support in the Board of Directors’ initiative in a letter found here.

Eligible voting members will receive a reminder email today from Election America. So long as USA Field Hockey receives ballots from at least twenty-five percent (25%) of its voting members, the Proposed Articles of Amendment shall be adopted if the votes cast in favor of the Proposed Articles of Amendment exceed the votes cast that oppose the Proposed Articles of Amendment. USA Field Hockey would greatly appreciate all voting member’s participation in this election.

By now, many of you have probably received the Spring issue of FHLife in your mailboxes. About four years ago, we made the decision to transform our quarterly publication from an extension of to a coffee table centerpiece magazine. The move was intended to create a publication distinctly different from our website, which features breaking news and field hockey community updates, and use the magazine as a platform for beautiful photography and human interest stories. The idea is unique in the National Governing Body world, where most magazines are simply an expansion of the news featured on their websites. Our covers are intended to be eye catching to those who have no affiliation with field hockey and when laid open, cover up, create an impressive poster-worthy image, which is the case with our current Team USA cover.

Congratulations to Sandy Kinnee, DITA North America CEO, and Ashley Meunier, our former Marketing and Communications Manager, who successfully spearheaded the transformation, and to Kait Mitchell and Kaitlin Piosa, our current Communications Team, for continuing the process with our most recent issue, capturing the essence of our Women’s National Squad. We look forward to many more and hope you enjoy the Spring issue!

Today marks 25 days to the 2014 Rabobank Hockey World Cup in The Hague, Netherlands. Fresh off of the Champions Challenge win, Team USA needs your support now more than ever to continue the success of our programs. Today, we make the 25-day challenge to our membership to generate 25 donations of any amount, no matter how big or small, to USA Field Hockey. Your generosity truly does fuel our success. Click here to show your support for Team USA and make a donation today!

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Have a great week!!

Steven Locke
Executive Director
USA Field Hockey