Election Results in Favor of Proposed Articles of Amendment

June 30, 2014, 4:54 p.m. (ET)

A message from Election America, Inc, CEO Chris Backert:


The Board of Directors of the United States Field Hockey Association, Inc., a Colorado nonprofit corporation (USFHA), submitted Articles of Amendment to the Articles of Incorporation of USFHA to the membership of USFHA for consideration.

 Voting members of the USFHA were asked to vote in favor of or against the Proposed Articles of Amendment or to abstain. USFHA provided contact information of the voting members to Election-America, who then communicated to the voting members information on the Proposed Articles of Amendment and how to cast their vote. Election-America’s team has administered thousands of elections and has processed tens of millions of votes.

The election began on April 25 and ran through June 24 and was conducted electronically. During the course of the election, Election-America sent reminders to all members who had not yet voted. Election-America apprised USFHA of the participation percentage periodically throughout the election, but the actual votes were encrypted and remained secret until the close of the election. The anonymity of each voter was always maintained.

The final tally showed a 28.26% participation and these results:



I hereby vote IN FAVOR of the Proposed Articles of Amendment.


I hereby vote AGAINST the Proposed Articles of Amendment.


I hereby ABSTAIN from voting on the Proposed Articles of Amendment.


Thank you.

- Chris Backert

CEO – Election-America, Inc.