Clements Confirms and Congratulates Three New Junior High Performance Rosters

June 19, 2014, 12:55 p.m. (ET)

Clements Confirms and Congratulates Three New Junior High Performance Rosters

The development of our Junior High Performance and Development Programs has enabled the following three squads to be selected. It shows the growth, intent and success of our regionalization model and the hard work of the people in these regions. The support of the Men's Foundation has assisted the entire program, allowing for increased programming, training and competition. USA Field Hockey is excited for these young players to train at the Olympic Training Center, Chula Vista, Calif. and interact with the Men's National Team while on campus. 

The three squads will participate in training camps during the summer. The U-15 Talent ID Camp is to provide early exposure and education about habits, behaviors, technical and tactical requirements to be a successful international hockey player. The U-18/U-21 Camp will provide scrimmage opportunities as well as observing and interacting with the Men's National Team as they compete against Chile. The top 18 players from this camp will be selected to compete against the Centralized Training Program later in the year.

With these programs growing and producing quality players our National Program only gets better. The regions are critical in building and populating our player pipeline and U.S. Men's Head Coach Chris Clements is impressed as to what has been achieved in the past 2.5 years. The performance across the board at Cal Cup was impressive this year. 

The investment and increased time that we have given our boys in the regional HP and Developmental model are paying off. The level of play is higher than ever. Particularly noticeable is the younger players performing skills that players before them were not picking up until later in their development cycle.

Special thanks to the following people;

East Coast - Rutger Wiese, Chris Pothier, Ben Howarth

NorCal - Steve Danielson, Pat Cota

Ventura - Ben Maruquin, Shawn Nakamura, Mike Whitehead, Marc Bakerman, Alberto Montilla

Chula Vista - Kevin Barber

Colorado - Paul Lewis

For more information about how to get connected with any of the above programs click here.

Congratulations to the following athletes for your selection to the 2014-15 U.S. Men’s Junior National Squads.

Selected U-21 athletes:

Ajaypal Singh (Hayward, CA), Ranjot Sangha (Elk Grove, CA), Alex Cunningham (Bad Kreuznach, Ger), Robert Rubens (Frankenthal, Ger), Amandip Sandu, Jaiveer Singh (Hayward, CA), Sean Cicchi (Thousand Oaks, CA), Doug Allison (Westlake Village, CA), Amar Khokar (Valencia, CA), Amrit Beaty (Simi Valley, CA), Pedro Zepada (Ventura, CA), Nathaniel O'Lari (Orange, MA), Nick Richardson (Kents Hill, ME), Kenny Patrone (Sewell, NJ), Rishi Bhargava (Mountain View, CA), Jayce Lewis (Moorpark, CA), Trent Warren (Moorpark, CA), Ajit Parmar (Freemont, CA), Gill Jaspreet

Selected U-18 athletes:

Keeling Pilaro (Southampton, NY), Ruben Van Dam (Valkenswaard, Ned.), Ismael Zepeda (Ventura, CA), George McGuigan (Thousand Oaks, CA), Hansraj Singh (San Jose, CA), Graeme Jackson (Moorpark, CA), Dominic Nishiguchi (Chula Vista, CA), Casey Walker (Ventura, CA), Jed McGuigan (Thousand Oaks, CA), Aji Akhilesh (San Jose, CA), Hamzah Hashmi (Granada Hills, CA), Prakash Sandhu (Winnetka, CA), Alex Zuzick (Moorpark, CA), Stuart Kentwell (Spring City, PA), Ryan Torigian (Simi Valley, CA), Christian DeAngelis (Doylestown, PA), Ethan LaSala (Thousand Oaks, CA), Jaxon Bakerman (Westlake Village, CA)

Selected U-15 athletes:

Ryan Torigian (Simi Valley, CA), Amar Khokar (Valencia, CA), Jaiveer Singh (Hayward, CA), Christian DeAngelis (Doylestown, PA), Evan Hrychyk (Moorpark, CA), Robert Stephans (Moorpark, CA), Jaxon Bakerman (Westlake Village, CA), Hassan Zaid, Stuart Kentwell (Spring City, PA), Ethan LaSala (Thousand Oaks, CA), Maxwell Walshaw (Thousand Oaks, CA), Sahil Vig (Simi Valley, CA), Dean Schiller (Newport News, VA), Tyler Herd (Perkasie, PA), Spencer Walshaw (Thousand Oaks, CA), Phil Schofield (Moorpark, CA), Mantej Pamesar, Jatin Sharma (San Francisco, CA),