USA Field Hockey Event Programs are Going Green

June 13, 2014, 12:01 p.m. (ET)

Dear friends,

Here at USA Field Hockey, we’ve witnessed the generosity of our field hockey community from all over the country.  Whether it’s volunteering your time to coach an eager pack of young athletes, rally around a goalkeeper who was diagnosed with cancer or giving your time to umpire a pick-up game, we couldn’t be more proud and honored to be part of this sport family. You’re constantly giving back and striving to make a bigger impact than just the reach of your arms.

We’re inspired to continue what you’ve started by making the transition from print programs to digital for our Summer events. Now, we’ll be able to reduce our carbon-foot print without sacrificing the same event composition you have enjoyed from years past. With the easy functionality navigation and accessibility on your mobile device, the programs will be free of charge and can even be viewed prior to the tournament. We’ll also be able to let you know which contests we’re running and which college coaches are in attendance in real time. Click here to checkout our virtual National Futures Program.

Although it’s a small step toward being ‘greener’ and putting a few extra dollars back in your wallet, we know like you, that similar to teaching your young son how to dribble around a row of cones, the smallest of victories have the potential to lead to something bigger. Thank you for aiding us in our efforts to go green and we look forward to seeing you at our Summer events!

With thanks,

Steve Locke
USA Field Hockey
Executive Director