US Masters Squads Show Continued Growth on Day Two of World Cup

June 06, 2014, 3:37 p.m. (ET)

U.S. Masters Squad Show Continued Growth on Day Two of World Cup

The USA Men's Over-40 Masters team put together another solid defensive effort and held Australia to one goal, including keeping them off of the scoreboard for the final 61 minutes. The Kookaburra’s single strike off of a penalty corner rebound came in the ninth minute, and the Aussies were able to hold on for the victory. 

Player of the Match Steve Wagner (Philadelphia, Pa.) again led the way, notching 12 saves. Manuel Morales (Miami, Fla.) added two defensive saves and Amaneedt Sandu (Corona, Calif.) added a third, demonstrating the tough character of the USA defense. The Americans surrendered only eight corners in the match and generated attack in the Australian zone but were unable to convert any circle penetrations.

Watch the video below for a first hand look at the solid U.S. penalty corner defense. 

The Men’s Over-50 team dropped their tough battle against England 2-0.

Yesterday, the women's Over-50 opened their Masters tournament by playing Ireland. The women fought hard from the opening whistle, but the Irish got the best of them as they won the match 5-0. It is exciting to watch the women in action, representing the USA at the Masters level again.

The Women's Over-40 team played South Africa today in a very tightly contested match. The U.S. maintained possession for a majority of the game, but was unable to convert like the U.S. Women’s Senior National team did against China. The Women’s Over-40 squad looks to build on the good structure from today and to increase their opportunities on goal for the next game.