JPIL Hockey 5's Format Yields Exciting, High Scoring Play

Jan. 29, 2014, 10:46 a.m. (ET)

At the conclusion of the third round of play in the Princess Junior Premier Indoor League (JPIL) and in thanks to the new Hockey 5’s format, over 150 more goals have been netted this year in comparison to this point in the 2013 season. Erin Shanahan (Under-19) and Margot Lawn (Under-16), both from The Gaels FHC, are the leading scorers in each division. Shanahan tops the scoreboard with an impressive 37 points, while Lawn heads the Under-16’s with 14 points.

In Under-19 division play, a mere two points separate the top four ranked teams. Xcalibur FHC is ahead in the rankings with 22 points, followed by Mystx United (21), High Styx FH (20) and FC United (20). Play resumes February 17.

In the Under-16 division, FC United and Xcalibur FHC lead with the way with 16 points a-piece. Closely behind the front runners are High Styx FH with 14 points and Jersey Intensity and Mystx United with 12 points to their names. Competition resumes February 1.

The championship round for the Under-14 division kicks off on Sunday, February 2 with Philly Hockey Club 1, High Styx FH, Oranje-GottaLoveIt, Mystx United, CNY, Spark, Horizon FH and FC United still in the running to claim the 2014 JPIL Under-14 title. The top eight clubs will compete to be crowned champion in a round robin format ending February 17.

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