USA Field Hockey Weekly Report

Jan. 21, 2014, 4:32 p.m. (ET)

Have you ever seen a dome this big? A one-of-a-kind installation in the USA for the hockey world is nearing completion in Lancaster, Pa. at Spooky Nook Sports and the Home of Hockey. It is the massive dome being installed over turf number two. The dome installation is now complete and the final stages of finishing the e-layer (the underlayment) will soon be done. The last piece of the pie (excepting for some of the minor final touches such as benches, technical areas, etc.) will be the installation of AstroTurf. That installation is speculated to be complete by this upcoming weekend. With the completion of the new facility, the Home of Hockey is now complete. All in all, what a marvelous facility for hockey, a sport that is on an upward trajectory in the United States.

USA Field Hockey is excited to announce the release of “A Quick Startup Guide: Club Development” on The Startup Club Development Guide is designed to inaugurate, offer expansion ideas and create longevity within current or establishing USA Field Hockey clubs. The guide was put together by USA Field Hockey’s Sport Development Team in an effort to provide resources to potential and existing clubs. The ability to create avenues and opportunities for athlete development, community involvement and hockey knowledge is a direct extension of USA Field Hockey’s overall mission to Grow the Game. Click here to review your copy today!

We are very excited to have the opportunity to work with the Field Hockey Federation and the Cal Cup organizing committee beginning with the process of evaluating and rating umpires to be part of the first USA Field Hockey sanctioned Cal Cup Tournament over Memorial Day weekend 2014. There are currently about 50 umpires signed up to be part of the classroom and on-field training being offered the weekend of January 25. The training will consist of basic umpiring on Saturday specifically working with the youth level and will continue on the Sunday with adult levels of umpiring. Anyone interested in being part of this training can visit this link for information. The curriculum of both sessions will be based on the USA Field Hockey "Jump In" program which is a beginning guide to umpiring field hockey. This book is also available through the USA Field Hockey website. As we have been trying to have the most consistent information available for all umpires in all regions of the country, we are looking forward to a long relationship with both groups to help promote field hockey and umpiring.

USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce that after a decade of not having an induction into the USA Field Hockey Hall of Fame, we will have our next event this summer. Our committee is working hard to implement this prestigious event and we are grateful for their dedication. The committee is comprised of: Clarence Jannelle, Karen Marley, Becca Main, Jarred Martin, Jeanne O’Brien, Dina Rizzo, Jen Schillingford, Sharon Taylor and Carrie Lingo. Thank you for your hard work! As the planning is underway, be on the lookout for more information. We will announce the nomination process and details for the event in the next few weeks.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: “A new study found that babies as young as nine months can tell the difference between friends and enemies. Which raises a lot of questions, like: What kind of babies have enemies?”

Have a great week!

Steven Locke
Executive Director
USA Field Hockey