USA Field Hockey Weekly Report

Jan. 07, 2014, 3:01 p.m. (ET)

If you hang around the USA Field Hockey website much, you are very likely to have seen a video produced by National Team staff member Nate Franks. It is a video that was featured at the USA Field Hockey Winter Ball which was held in the Home of Hockey at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. It gives you a touch of what is going on with the National Teams and some feeling of the teams’ cultures. If you have not seen it, check out by clicking here.

Our Men’s and Women’s National Indoor Squads competed fiercely this past weekend at the Der Pokal Der Messestadt in Leipzig, Germany. Both teams showed continued growth and development during the course of the tournament, finishing their final games with their best play. The weekend provided excellent preparation for the journey leading up to the 2014 Pan American Indoor Tournament.

With great pride I announce the newly sanctioned California Cup International Field Hockey Tournament. Chances are you’ve heard of the popular tournament. Set in the beautiful and palm-tree laden, Moorpark, Cali., during the Memorial Day weekend, Cal Cup has been an international tradition for more than 40 years. The California Cup Organizing Committee has done an exceptional job at offering outstanding field hockey opportunities for women, men and youth of all ages and skill levels. Cal Cup also serves as a selection platform for all of the Junior and Senior Men’s National Teams and attracts competition from all areas of the world.

Youth divisions will include U-10 Mixed, U-12 Mixed, U-13 Boys, U-14 Girls, U-16 Boys, and U-16 Girls. Adult divisions will include U-19 Girls, U-20 Men, Men’s Competitive, Women’s Competitive, Mixed Social and Veterans (over 50). If you are interested in registering a team, please visit

To learn more about USA Field Hockey’s event sanctioning program or to apply for your next event to be sanctioned, visit

We have a hero amongst us in the hockey world. Men’s National Team athlete Kevin Barber was selected as the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center Athlete of the Month. This is a stellar achievement and speaks volumes of our Men’s National Team program and the massive changes it has undergone. We send our congratulations to Kevin and hope he enjoys the added bonus of his very own official parking spot for the month! Here is what the United States Olympic Committee has to say about Kevin:

Kevin Barber - Athlete of the Month - Chula Vista Olympic Training Center Men’s Field Hockey

Although the men’s field hockey competition season ended a few months ago, Kevin Barber has continued to be active on the team, as well as in the community. Kevin was selected as the CVOTC Athlete of the Month for his efforts in widening the sport of field hockey, especially at the men’s level.

In 2012, Kevin began the Chula Vista Field Hockey organization with the effort of promoting field hockey to elementary-aged kids at the nearby Discovery Charter, Eastlake and Olympic View Elementary Schools. Chula Vista Field Hockey also gives kids a chance to play year-round. In its inaugural year, Chula Vista Field Hockey introduced the sport to over 1,000 fourth, fifth and sixth grade students who have been able to make use of equipment donated by the USA Field Hockey team. The 2012 Chula Vista Elementary Field Hockey Tournament was held at the OTC with over 50 students competing and continuing their young field hockey careers into the spring season. From this group of students, there was even a squad that traveled to Moorpark, Calif., to compete in a tournament. In the Chula Vista Elementary Field Hockey Tournament’s second year, Kevin has signed up over 120 students from the schools in the surrounding area. The 2013 tournament was held on the field hockey pitch at the CVOTC on December 14 and it was a great success with youth athletes also having a chance to register for the spring season and learn about the opportunities to travel for tournaments.

Kevin said, “I’m very optimistic that the momentum of the program will continue and could be the early beginnings of a sustainable community of hockey players.” Other coaches who help with the Chula Vista Field Hockey organization are resident athletes Mikey Barminski and Manny Martinez, as well as Bree Martinez.

Kevin got his start in field hockey when he was just six years old. A family friend had played the game and it sparked Kevin’s attention. He began playing in the California Cup games at Moorpark College by the time he was 12 years old. Having been a multi-sport athlete, Kevin had a chance to go to the Netherlands and compete in field hockey when he was thirteen. Kevin began to focus his interest solely on field hockey after his trip. He progressed from the U-16 and U-21 teams to the U.S. Men’s National Team in 2007. He has played in 73 international matches all around the world.

Kevin was inspired by his former coach, Ben Maruquin, to start Chula Vista Field Hockey. Ben formed a program in Ventura County and let Kevin coach the younger kids. Ben mentored Kevin until Kevin left to play for a field hockey club in Australia in 2009, followed by a field hockey club in Belgium in 2010. While abroad, he not only played field hockey, but also spent some time

coaching younger athletes. He realized the level of field hockey talent in Europe and Australia was much stronger than in the United States, due in large part to the early introduction and training opportunities that are available to youth there. He wanted to see that same strength in the United States, so he formed the Chula Vista Field Hockey program upon his return and he is putting energy into being a top USA Field Hockey athlete as well as being a role model for future field hockey players.

Way to go, Kevin. We are very proud of you and what you and others have done to upgrade the men’s program.

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Have a great week!

Steven Locke
Executive Director
USA Field Hockey