Congratulations to 2014 U12 and U14 NIT Champions

Feb. 24, 2014, 1:27 p.m. (ET)

Congratulations to the 2014 U12 and U14 NIT Champions

The first weekend of the 2014 National Indoor Tournament gathered more than 1,600 field hockey enthusiasts to Spooky Nook Sports facility nestled in Lancaster, Pa. The inaugural weekend of competition for Under-12 and Under-14 athletes was monumental as it was many of the younger athletes’ first experience with major event competition. Clubs competed on 10 courts in the hopes of earning their stripes and going home with gold.

Several U.S. Women’s National Squad athletes even dropped by over the weekend during their regeneration week to bestow medals, sign autographs and share their love of the game with young athletes.

“The Under-12 and Under-14 athletes created an action-packed weekend with fun and exciting hockey,” said Karen Collins, USA Field Hockey’s Director of Event and Logistics. “Thank you to all who made this event memorable for the next generation of athletes.”

USA Field Hockey sends our congratulations to this year’s winners who walked away with polished medals and the highly sought-after pride that accompanies the title of champions.

Congratulations to the following winners:


Q – WC Eagles Blue
R – WC Eagles Gold
S – Spirit of USA Independence
T – FSC Falcons Black


A – H2O
B – Saints Hockey Rocks
C – Xcalibur I
D – WC Eagles White
E – FSC Falcons Black
F – Alley Cats white
G – IFHCK Fire
I – High Styx Swarm
J – Shore Byrds Purple
K – Stealth Comets
L – South Jersey Edge Pink
M – Tcoyo Parana
N – Valley Styx Silver
O – Jersey Elite Black
P – Wizards