US Mens Development Squad to build off of key concepts in UBC series

Feb. 18, 2014, 10:49 p.m. (ET)

During the second match of the U.S. Men's Development Squad vs the University of British Columbia (UBC) series, Team USA set a high tempo which established a theme they maintained throughout the entirety of the game. In the third minute of play, U.S. athlete Ranveer Kundi (Glendora, Cali.) acutely redirected a rebound off of the opposing keeper's pads to net a goal. Despite the United States' constant pressure on the Olympic Training Pitch in Chula Vista, Cali., the squad fell to UBC 1-2.  

UBC was able to tie the score at minute 15 after a ball ricocheted from U.S. goalie Spencer Reeds' (Ventura, Cali.) pads and UBC athlete John Sharp secured the team's first goal. Back-and-forth play lead to another first-half goal by UBC at minute 29, where UBC athlete Gordon Johnston had a well-placed flick off a corner to find a hole in the bottom left of the cage. 

The U.S. Men's Development Squad created pinpoint passes and quality ball control to establish numerous scoring opportunities but were unable to capitalize. The team will build off of these key concepts and look to improve upon them in the remaining two games.

"We took another step forwards today with the team," said Head Coach Chris Clements. "The players are developing some very positive outcomes in regards to structure and defensive principles. This is all a part of the bigger picture and process in developing our men's program."

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