Womens Youth Olympic Squad Blog

Feb. 15, 2014, 10:27 a.m. (ET)

Women's Youth Olympic Squad athletes give USA Field Hockey fans an inside look at the 2014 YOG Qualifier in Uruguay. 

Thursday morning, we woke up for breakfast an hour and a half later and debriefed our game against Uruguay from Wednesday. After our meeting, we ran around our hotel area and swam in the pool for a heart rate spike and to stretch our muscles. We then played 'Heads Up' as a team bonding activity. The game quickly escalated when the “Sausage Fingers” pulled ahead of the “Scrunchies.” Next, we relaxed during our free time until we drove on the bus to a shopping mall where the majority of us bought scrunchies and other Uruguayan knickknacks. Many of us decided to wear our scrunchies, and we felt quite immersed in Southern American culture. We then ate at a beautiful spot along the beach that had great food.

On Friday morning, we woke up at our regular breakfast time and then met to discuss our first game against Argentina. After a long, hard-fought game, we came out with a 5-5 tie. Next, we ate a quick, American lunch that consisted of chicken fingers and french fries. Again, we discussed our game against Argentina and talked about our upcoming game against Mexico. The physical game in Mexico resulted in an 8-2 win. The team then watched the Argentina-Uruguay game. We then returned back to the hotel for dinner and our third meeting of the day. We cannot wait to wake up tomorrow and play.

- Kelsey Bing (Houston, TX), Sophia Tornetta (Plymouth Meeting, PA), Maddie Morano (Hammonton, NJ), Sophia Miller (Bedford, NJ), and Margaux Paolino (Villanova, PA)