Womens Youth Olympic Squad Blog

Feb. 13, 2014, 2:44 p.m. (ET)

Women's Youth Olympic Squad athletes give USA Field Hockey fans an inside look at the 2014 YOG Qualifier in Uruguay. 

As a team we have been exposed to so much culture here in Montevideo, Uruguay. Today was especially unique because we talked with the people of Uruguay a lot.

After the game against Mexico, we were cooling down on the field when we got a surprising visit. A little group of “chicas” walked up to us with their parents and asked for pictures with Team USA. Then a similar event occurred at the end of the Uruguay game at night.  Again, when we were cooling down, a different group of young girls walked up to us with notebooks and pens, asking us for our autographs. We all were so happy that these groups of girls thought so highly of us that they would want pictures and autographs. It also felt unreal, and weird because most of us still slightly feel the way the little girls were in the presence of Olympic athletes, and for them to be doing that to us was so special.  Finally, a swarm of little boys found out Julianna’s name and quickly developed crushes. The irony in that is that they we’re the same age.  Tomorrow is our free day, spending it Uruguayan way.

- Ashley Hoffman (Morgantown, PA) and 
Julianna Tornetta (Plymouth Meeting, PA)