Under 12 and Under 14 National Indoor Tournament Information

Feb. 13, 2014, 5:14 p.m. (ET)

With the 2014 National Indoor Tournament rapidly approaching, there are a few reminders for the first ever Under-12 and Under-14 tournament, held at the new Home of Hockey at Spooky Nook Sports in Lancaster, Pa. The event will be held in Spooky Nook Sports’ pristine hockey hall featuring 10 indoor hockey courts.

As with all of USA Field Hockey’s national events, the tournament is a Stay To Play event. Spooky Nook Sports Housing is the Stay To Play partner for the event and will be handling all housing requests and reservations. All housing requests must be made with Valerie Stewart at valeries@nooksports.com. Room blocks have been made at a variety of hotels in the surrounding community ensuring availability for all teams across a range of hotels.

Being locally housed ensures teams can avoid lengthy commutes, particularly in the winter months when adverse weather conditions are more prevalent. As always and in concert with the Stay To Play policy at other USA Field Hockey national events, a housing waiver is an option for families who live locally and choose to commute.

“Within the facility, we do not permit outside food to be brought into the venue, but dining options at the facility include many nutritious and healthy selections that are affordably priced and appropriate for athletes,” said Lyndsay Warner of Spooky Nook Sports. “We do encourage athletes to bring drinks containers up to 32oz which can be refilled from water fountains inside the building.”

Over tournament weekends, there will be a daily parking fee of $5 per vehicle at Spooky Nook Sports. Parking in the Spooky Nook lot will be on a first-come, first-serve basis. All payment for parking will be processed at the Guest Services Oval, which is located just inside the entrance to the Spooky Nook Sports facility.

Satellite parking will also be available in lots located a few miles from the facility. Shuttles will run throughout the day and will be available to return participants to the satellite lot. There will be no fee for parking at the satellite lots.

One of the satellite lots is Root’s Country Market located at 705 Graystone Rd, Manheim Pa. 17545. Additional lots may be provided if necessary. Spooky Nook Sports will communicate this information as soon as available.

For the most up-to-date information on all things concerning the 2014 National Indoor Tournament, regularly check usafieldhockey.com.