Womens Youth Olympic Squad Blog

Feb. 11, 2014, 8:52 p.m. (ET)

Women's Youth Olympic Squad Athletes give USA Field Hockey fans an inside look at the 2014 YOG Qualifier in Uruguay. 

Today after breakfast we went to our match against Uruguay. On the bus we sang a few english songs with the Uruguayans and listened to them sing in Spanish.  When we got there we watched the end of the Mexico vs Argentina match.  We also watched a stray dog walk across the field. We had a close match against Uruguay and won 2-1 with 2 minutes to go. Austyn Cuneo scored her second beautiful goal of the match. After lunch we had a meeting and talked about the game against Uruguay and our upcoming match against Argentina. We fell short to Argentina 6-8 during downpour rain. We went back to the hotel for dinner and had another meeting. 

After game day two come back, we’ll have another blog for you!

- Sammi Steele (Eagleville,PA), Skyler Fretz (Oley Valley, PA) and Austyn Cuneo (Waterford Works, NJ)