MNT Indoor athlete provides a behind the scenes look at final day of Pan Am play

April 14, 2014, 10:51 a.m. (ET)

U.S. Men's National Team athlete Moritz Rünzi reports from the 2014 Pan American Cup in Uruguay. 

It‘s Saturday the 12th of April and Final Day has arrived. I got woken up like any other day from the annoying iPhone alarm of my roommate Tim. Since he is all grown up and part of the working community, he is much more the morning person than me. We opened up the curtains and look at each other with a smile. You could feel it right away. The day we were working for has finally arrived.

After that our normal schedule started. We met as a team for the morning stretch, but something was different. Somehow it was quiet and since we are all professionals and all had a good night of sleep, it couldn‘t be because of tiredness. I guess everyone just felt the importance of this game and what it meant to us. Everyone was a hundred percent focused.

That silence continued during the breakfast as well. After that we all had some down time, which some of us used to play cards, watch series or do some water drinking games to stay hydrated. We met up again as a team for a jog and stretch, where finally that silence got broken and everyone started loosening up.

I guess it just took a while for us to realize what great situation we are in right now. We all play this sport we love, because we are all longing for those kinds of games. After what must have been the best lunch so far, the famous final day pasta, we had some down time again before we refocused again for the video preparation. After that my normal pre game routine started, but the moment the referee started the game it all becomes a blur.

I remember the important part of the game, that we all left everything out there and played a great game, but unfortunately it just wasn‘t enough to trump the Canadians. After a really long and painful Medal Ceremony we headed back to the hotel and we got treated one last time with a nice Steak dinner by our Coaching staff. Thank you for the great support back in the States. We all enjoyed a fantastic tournament.

Moritz Rünzi #19

*Photo courtesy of Quico Anderson and the Pan American Hockey Federation