Indoor MNT athlete gives inside look at Pan Am Cup

April 05, 2014, 6:52 p.m. (ET)

U.S. Men's National Team athlete, Michael Barminski reporting from Montevideo, Uruguay.

The trip started off in the usual manner which is more or less a mild rush. I arrived at the San Diego International Airport about an hour or so before take-off and checked in with my fellow teammates Kevin Barber and Jason Wellings. The trip was going to be prolonged due to several layovers before finally arriving in Montevideo. None the less, the flights were very quick due to movies and naps. We were in Miami before we knew it. In Miami the rest of the team, hailing from the US and European countries all regrouped. It was a pleasant sight; laughs, jokes, hugs and fist bumps were all around, as we caught up on each other’s latest expeditions. Due to the time changes, all of us tried to gain some sleep on the flight to Montevideo, because we would be arriving at roughly 9 in the morning there. Maximizing sleep and hydration are key components to our success and individual well being within the first couple of days. We all travel quite well and understand these things, so we had no problems. When we arrived in Uruguay the humidity was physically apparent and we dragged our gear to the bus which was just as agonizingly hot. In about an hour’s time we arrived at the Dazzler hotel, which is quite nice actually. We settled down, unpacked, jogged around the city to revitalize our legs and returned to the Dazzler. We decided to scope out the remaining parts of the hotel only to come upon a rooftop pool deck with an awesome view of the city and beach. Uruguay is turning out to be quite nice and is easily becoming one of my favorite South American countries I’ve visited. We have a practice later tonight and I’m excited to see the facilities and play with my team again. I feel like we can put something really special together and win this tournament.