No Off Days Contest Winners Announced

April 04, 2014, 12:48 p.m. (ET)

No Off Days Contest Winners Announced

The #NoOffDays campaign is all about going above and beyond, putting in the extra hours and giving all you’ve got, and our audience did just that with the first #NoOffDays contest, sponsored by PR Nutrition! A big thank you to everyone who submitted videos of the 30-second stick pull challenge. Three lucky winners will receive an Asics hat often shown off by our U.S. Men’s National Squad and a box of PR Bars to help fuel your next workout.

Congratulations to the winners below! Your highlight reel will live on in glory on the official #NoOffDays page. For everyone else, stay tuned to for more chances to compete in upcoming contests.

Winners: Erin Matson, Niki Ikeda and Kim Davis
Honorable Mention for Creativity: Samantha Klimaszewski (Goal Keeper)
Blooper: U.S. Men's National Team Athlete Alex Grassi