US Mens National Volunteers Time with Youth and Veterans

Nov. 20, 2013, 12 a.m. (ET)

The US Men’s National Field Hockey Squad has kept busy the last few weeks with various clinics and volunteer opportunities around the Chula Vista, Cali. community. The clinics served as opportunities to thank sponsors, honor veterans and expose individuals to the sport of field hockey.

The team recently hosted a hockey clinic sponsored by AT&T at the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center. The clinic involved corporate AT&T employees and for most, the experience was their first run-in with the sport.

The squad hosted two 45 minute clinics for almost 60 participants. After introductions, the squad went on to explain the game, demonstrate basic fundamentals, and describe equipment and precautions all before they even got a stick in their hands. The participants were able to test out their skills with a small circuit consisting of dribbling, goal scoring and 3v3 small game stations.

To end, the US Men’s National Squad showed off their own skills by giving the employees a goal scoring demonstration, wowing them with drag flicks, chip shots and backhand goals. After a final huddle of “Thank you’s” and cheers for USA, the participants took a little bit of field hockey back to the office and the squad went back to practice.

For Veteran’s Day, members of the US Men’s National Squad honored those who have served in the military by participating in a city-wide event on the naval vessel the USS Midway. The USS Midway is docked in San Diego Bay, and each year, hosts a celebratory Veteran’s Day event on the flight deck.

The celebration included a variety of festivities for the whole family, food vendors, concerts, and fly overs by vintage planes. Members of the squad represented Team USA alongside the US Women’s Rugby team in the Chula Vista Olympic Training Center Booth. The squad signed autographs, handed out posters and hosted a small clinic.

During the clinic, the team set up small games for children taking part in the Veteran’s Day celebration. Games ranged from the fan-favorite “Sharks and Minnows” to goal scoring and dribbling drills. Many of the participants were not familiar with the sport, but took a quick liking to the game and enjoyed the experience of learning from Team USA athletes.

The squad enjoyed a day of growing the game with community youth and honoring those who have served in the military.