Coming Home

Nov. 07, 2013, 7:44 p.m. (ET)

Women's National Team athlete Jamie Montgomery visited her high school Alma Mater the Collegiate School in Richmond, Va. to speak with a group of high school field hockey players. Montgomery shares her reflections regarding her journey home with USA Field Hockey. 

After a rigorous Friday morning workout with the national team, I packed up my car and headed South for homecoming weekend and my 10-year high school reunion. It has been about that long since I have been able to visit my Alma Mater and I have to admit, my nerves did get the best of me when I stepped onto the new Robins Athletic campus. What an incredible facility; so much activity going on at once, from a junior varsity cross country meet, a varsity boy’s soccer game, and, of course, middle school through varsity field hockey games! Fortunately, my nervousness subsided after a wonderfully warm welcome, and I spent a beautiful afternoon watching hockey and touring the new facilities.


After the varsity match-up, my high school coach Karen Doxey, organized an opportunity for me to talk to all of the field hockey athletes on campus and tell them a little bit about my story, which actually begins with a sports requirement.

When I was a middle school-er at Collegiate every student had to participate in two seasons of sports. At the time I was a total soccer head, but that was a Spring sport and I certainly didn’t have the height to tryout for the volleyball team and so, I gravitated toward field hockey. Lucky enough, all of my soccer buddies made a similar choice and we all made the hockey team. After those initial weeks of struggling with learning how to hold a stick, trying super hard to not use my feet, and realizing that there isn’t an off-sides rule, I fell in love with the game. Throughout my middle and high school career, hockey was challenging, fast paced and always a good time with friends. I was happy to have the opportunity to share words of advice and my field hockey journey with the group. Looking out into the crowd of high school athletes, I was reminded of a time not so long ago. 


The message that I gave that day, and one I try to remember every day, is to enjoy it; enjoy every minute of it because you never know which moment will be the one you treasure the most. Whether it’s the feeling of winning a big game, joking around with teammates during corner practice, or learning how hard you can push yourself during a training run, all of it is worth the time if you love your work. Thank you so much to Coach Doxey and Collegiate for inviting me back to visit and good luck to all of the high school teams out there still chasing a championship!