Post-Collegiate HARROWines featuring Rachael Milne

June 04, 2013, 4:53 p.m. (ET)

As part of USA Field Hockey's Post- Collegiate HARROWines series, staff member Kait Mitchell catches up with U.S. Senior National Indoor Team Captain Rachael Milne for a quick Q & A.

Harrow Cup Captain of the Boomers and Drexel University graduate, Rachael Milne has extensive leadership experience. As the U.S. Senior National Indoor Team Captain with accolades ranging from Rohrmax Tournament Champion in Austria, second place winner of the Pan American Indoor Cup and Drexel University All-American, Milne will be guiding her Harrow Cup team with undeniable presence and direction.

KM: Philly seems to be dear to your heart – having stayed there after college and starting a club team in the area. What’s it like to have this landmark event in your backyard?

RB: I don’t want to come off as pretentious but it seems logical to hold Harrow Cup here. It’s a hockey hub and just so happens to be severely convenient for me.  This is a great city to hold a big tournament like this.

KM: Being the Indoor National Team captain makes you role model in the field hockey world. Have there been any new challenges you’ve faced in this different captain position?

RB: Personally I’m a bit rusty with my outdoor skills but am looking forward to the tournament and picking it back up. A team challenge was the selection process of the Boomers. My college wasn’t always in the top 20, so I picked some people I didn’t know in Division II.  I hope all of them are enjoying their experience, come out and make an impact. These challenges are balanced with new thoughts like it’s amazing to think of my mentors when I was 17 or 18 years old and how intimidated I was. Now I’m approaching the other end of the spectrum. It’s also nice no one is going to be working. No one is recruiting and we’re just coaching ourselves and playing hockey.

KM: What’s your team dynamic like?

RB: We’re enthusiastic and just want to play. You could say we’re bit of an aggressive team which works with our team name. We’re out there laughing and joking. That weekend is about hanging out and playing hard. Win or lose we’ll have a great time.  

KM: What will your team jerseys look like?

RB: Danny, our Harrow rep, made our uniforms for us. They are vibrant royal blue with florescent orange numbers. We will be seen.  The skirts are a little short but still traditional. 

KM: What will you do with your earnings if your team wins the 2013 Harrow Cup?

RB: As greedy as this may sound, we would like to reward ourselves a bit and use the money for bills, travel costs and other miscellaneous life events. Field hockey isn’t the cheapest sport. Some of us are running clubs, graduating or travelling a far distance to be here and are looking to just come out on the black on this. Emotionally speaking, we always come out on the black when we play.

KM: Why is post-collegiate play personally important to you?

RB: It provides inspiration for younger players. It’s something other than playing in college. It changes the long-term vision of field hockey from the bottom up. That’s powerful stuff. You can be 30, still play and you do it because it’s healthy and your friends are there.