Club Affiliation open enrollment window begins tomorrow

July 31, 2013, 10:24 a.m. (ET)

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo – July 31, 2013 – USA Field Hockey’s Club Affiliation open enrollment window opens tomorrow, August 1 to allow Under-12 and Under-19 members to change club affiliation for the upcoming event year. The open enrollment window will close on October 1. Between August 1 and October 1, members can change club affiliation by logging into their member account and selecting ‘Change My Club Affiliation’ from the left side navigation bar. Outside of the open enrollment window, members are required to submit a completed transfer request form.

Club Affiliation was introduced two years ago to solidify the relationship between clubs and players in USA Field Hockey events and to maintain the integrity of competitive national events. The policy is in place for the Disney Field Hockey Showcase, Regional Club Championships, National Club Championship, and the National Hockey Festival. At this time the events where the Club Affiliation policy is not in place are the National Indoor Qualifiers, National Indoor Tournament, Disney Junior Field Hockey Showcase and the Under-14 division of the National Hockey Festival.

More information can be found on under “Clubs”. Further questions should be directed to Emily Thomas, Membership and Events Coordinator, or 719-434-3901.