Executive Director Weekly Report

Jan. 30, 2013, 2 p.m. (ET)

USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of January 28, 2013

It's about the boys turning into men. A couple of weeks ago our U21 Men earned the bronze at the Australian Youth Olympic Festival in Sydney, Australia. It was a terrific and game changing moment for our men on the international front. Chris Clements, the Men's National Team coach, is doing wonderful work with a very limited pool of boys and men on his teams. To achieve a bronze at this multi-sport event goes beyond the pale. He has worked hard with the United States Olympic Committee to provide stipends, increased privileges at Olympic Training Centers, and opportunities for our male athletes to become more rounded as they compete and concurrently go to school and/or follow new careers in the workforce.

None of this would have become reality without Chris' hard work and vision as to what we can become. As a result of Chris' continued efforts, we anticipate more and more collaboration with the USOC, and are certainly creating a base of boys turning into men and becoming legitimate examples for younger boys to aspire to replicate. Good on you, Chris.

At the same time competing in Australia were our U21 women. They were also in the bronze match and came oh so close to winning. Thanks to Steve Jennings and his staff for the tremendous work completed by these young women.

I hope that you have noticed the wonderful You Tube video we posted on usafieldhockey.com over the weekend. It is a video rendition which headlined the news conference last Friday highlighting our new soon to be Home of Hockey located in Lancaster, PA at the Nook Sports Complex. You should have been there. Fully 450 people were on site in spite of a raging snow storm going on outside. The media attending rendered up a ton of press focusing on hockey and our new partnership with Nook Sports. For me, there was a little heart tugging going on as a number of women with long-time associations with hockey were left tearing up somewhat as they viewed the massive facilities that can only be described as indescribable. The facility is like no other in the world. It's size is staggering. The facilities and their finishes are all top shelf. The services to be provided are at the Olympic level and comprehensive. It is truly a one-stop shop for everything a family could want in sport. Our tentative thoughts on the grand opening hover around mid-August if delays such as weather do not provide for issues. I hope you will eventually get to see and use it.

Have a great week. (Sorry...no quote this week as I am in Los Angeles writing this and do not have my quote source book handy).