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USA Field Hockey

Amended Indoor Rule from FIH

Dec. 05, 2013, 10:50 a.m. (ET)

Amended Rule from the FIH
Slight change to Rule 2.3f

COLORADO SPRINGS,  Colo. – December 5, 2013 - Based on a recommendation from the FIH Rules Committee, the FIH Executive Board has agreed a change to the Rules of Indoor Hockey, to take place with immediate effect.

Rule 2.3f currently states:

Players must leave or enter the pitch for substitution purposes within 3 metres of the centre-line on a side of the pitch agreed with the umpires.

A goalkeeper who is wearing full protective equipment may take part in a substitution across the side-board near the goal they are defending.

The guidance in italics is deleted and the Rule now will read:

Players must leave or enter the pitch for substitution purposes within 3 metres of the centre-line on a side of the pitch agreed with the umpires.

As a result of this change to the Rules, it follows that goalkeepers must substitute from the same position as other players.

The need for this change was based upon reports and feedback from Indoor Hockey countries from their pre-season Tournaments and the run up period to the start of their League competitions. The combination of recent changes to the Indoor Rules has led to some negative consequences, with vast increases in the numbers of goalkeeper substitutions. This was not considered to be good for the image of our sport. A recent short trial with goalkeeper substitutions having to take place near the centre line markedly reduced their number and produced positive feedback.

In general, the Rules Committee is not in favour of changes to Rules or Regulations at short notice. In this case we concluded that not acting immediately would have had a more detrimental effect on Indoor Hockey.

As a reminder, the FIH also recently implemented Hockey 5's, moving the indoor game from six players a side to five players a side. 

FIH Rules Committee

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