Ian Scally competes in 100th match with US Mens National Team

Aug. 06, 2013, 1:34 p.m. (ET)

Ian Scally competes in 100th match with U.S. Men’s National Team

Scally joined the National Team in 2003 and will compete in his third Pan American Cup in Brampton, Ontario, August 10-17

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. – August 6, 2013 - It has been a long time since Ian Scally (Thousand Oaks, Cali.) earned his first cap with the U.S. Men’s National Field Hockey Team; 10 years to be exact.

And even though Scally, in his own words, makes mention of field hockey being a young man’s sport, at the age of 34, he clearly hasn’t lost any of his youthful energy, immaculate fitness or finesse on the field as U.S. Men’s National Team head coach, Chris Clements, named Scally to his third Pan American Cup Team on Monday.

Scally debuted for Team USA in August 2003 at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Yesterday, almost 10 years to the day, Scally earned his 100th cap on home soil against the same opponent he faced while receiving his very first cap, Chile.

Scally is one of only a handful of U.S. Men's National Team athletes to achieve this milestone and currently the only member of the U.S. Men's National Team with 100+ caps. Teammate Jon Ginolfi (Moorpark, Cali.) is poised to reach the milestone at the 2013 Pan American Cup.

USA Field Hockey spoke with Scally following the milestone match yesterday to hear his thoughts on a being a part of the Men’s National Team for nearly a decade and earning his 100th cap with Team USA.

USA Field Hockey: What is it like to represent your country in 100 international competitions?
IS: It is a true honor to play alongside my teammates, to represent my country and to be around this program for so many years. It is a true commitment to be a part of the National Team. You have to sacrifice a lot of things but the reward is there. The friendships that you make and the experiences that you go through are unbelievable and it is all worth it.

USA Field Hockey: Do you remember your first cap with Team USA?
IS: It was a long time ago! My first cap was in 2003 at the Pan American Games in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. It was the first match of the tournament against Chile and I remember it being a good time.

USA Field Hockey: Joining the National Team in 2003 – What has kept you playing and competing on the international stage over the last decade?
IS: It is just a true honor and a sport that I have enjoyed playing since I was a little kid. My entire family is a field hockey family and if you add those two things together it is what keeps me around. In addition, the support that I get from work, family and the coaching staff has allowed me to stay for as long as I have.

USA Field Hockey: Do you have a favorite memory with Team USA?
IS: There are a lot of good memories. Even though during some competitions we didn’t get great results – I still have good memories. I think the one that stands out the most was taking second place at the Pan American Cup in Santiago, Chile in 2009. Even though we came in second and it was bitter loss in the final, it was a good experience. I look forward to doing it again next week at the Pan Am Cup in Brampton.

USA Field Hockey: As a veteran on the squad, do you see yourself competing for another 50+ caps?
IS: Even though I want to, my body may tell me no. This is a young man’s sport and I think we have a lot of great young players with a lot of skill that will take the torch and do a very good job.