Executive Director Weekly Report

Nov. 28, 2012, 9:59 a.m. (ET)

USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-November 26, 2012

Hockey Festival in West Palm Beach. It was grand. The weather was perfect; never a cloud in the sky; and the hockey was at a high level of play. Nearly four thousand athletes along with another four thousand spectators consisting of moms, dads, friends, and an array of interested spectators from South Florida were on hand for the four-day hockey blitz. Globally, it is the biggest of all festivals, and domestically it is a very important element of showcasing hockey skills to college coaches plus having a lot of fun.

The umpires were magnificent. Umpire Director Steve Horgan had in place ten umpire managers who handled the flow of scheduling and critiquing throughout. The umpires themselves    performed excellently according to the first blush of survey results we have collected. Over 150 umpires were on hand plus the managers. It was quite the smooth flowing operation.

Overall the tournament was in the very capable hands of USA Field Hockey Director of Event Logistics Karen Collins. KC and her stable/posse of well trained event production professionals conducted a pretty much flawless event. KC is just the best and her years of experience continually proves it.

For the locals, we are a big financial boon. Eleven-thousand hotel room nights were consumed and the county experienced a $9,000,000 lift in economic benefit. Hockey is truly a great opportunity for not only athletes to showcase their skills, but our hosts to also showcase their cities, towns, local attractions and sport venues. We look forward to returning next year to West Palm Beach and the Village of Wellington. 

The Village of Wellington, Global JBS..our travel partners, the Palm Springs Sports Commission, and many others helped pull this event off. So, thank you to everyone for participating, helping, and watching a truly inspirational event designed for the entire hockey family.

During the Friday night of Festival, USA Field Hockey conducted the Annual General Membership meeting at the polo grounds facilities in the Village of Wellington. Well over seventy-five USAFH members were in attendance and the meeting was spirited with many points of view expressed. There were several questions raised over governance topic areas. One had to do with the congruency of the organization's Articles of Incorporation and it's By-Laws; and another dealt with advisories send to and the voting rights held by lifetime members. These topics are both being referred to legal specialists plus the USA Field Hockey Judicial Committee. The determinations will be reported in the weekly report when analysis is completed.

The U.S. Men's Team cruised to World League Round 2. The U.S. Men were clearly the team to beat at World League Round 1 held in Chula Vista, November 16-18, as they cruised to two shutout victories with an incredible 24-0 goals advantage. Congratulations to Chris Clements and the entire Men's Team and support staff for a highly successful tournament. 

There is sadness in the hockey world over the recent passing of Gerard Kervel. Gerry was a member of the U.S. Men's National Team and proudly represented the U.S. at the 1964 Olympic Games. Gerry also competed in the Pan American Games and was one of the founders of the North Jersey Field Hockey Club. He was a member of the Privateers Hockey Club and in his later years continued his contribution to the sport by coaching the Westfield New Jersey High School girls field hockey team.

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Have a great week!

Steve Locke
Executive Director
USA Field Hockey