Executive Director Weekly Report

Nov. 01, 2012, 5:15 p.m. (ET)
This week's report is belated as I am currently in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia attending the FIH Congress. The flight took pretty much all of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday to get here hence the lateness.

Malaysia is a trip. The scenery is spectacular; the people are the friendliest; and the comradeship at the Congress is super. It was great to walk into the hotel to see nearly a hundred people I had met previously in London and in other sites, and meet new acquaintances. This year's Congress is a meeting to settle membership-wide business within the international level of the sport, and, very importantly, to elect various positions of authority into the governance framework of the FIH. Leandro Negre', the current president of the FIH, is standing again and is unopposed. He has done a terrific job in his first quad as president. Mr. Negre' is quite an interesting person. He comes from a hockey family from the Barcelona confines of Spain. He was an Olympian in the Mexico City Olympic Games in 1968, and he devotes almost a 100% of his time as a volunteer to build the sport internationally. His success was well displayed at the London Olympic Games as hockey experienced the fourth highest attendance of all venues at those games.

This Congress is hugely important as the FIH is conducting a series of educational forums to help the various national associations in attendance to better understand how to exploit FIH events in individual countries, to better understand branding of the sport, and to better understand media and how to better expose the sport in the mainstream. It is quite exciting, and it is quite appealing to see the number of young people in attendance and the diversity of the group. There are many ethnic groups in attendance and a plethora of women...always a good sign for a well rounded sport.

Back in the USA it is crunch time for many as the High School and NCAA seasons hit playoffs and tournament time. I wish all of you all the best as your season reaches its culmination and encourage you to give it your all in these key matches.

This week's report is short, however, if there are major reportages to be made from this Congress, they will come from me later this week.

No quote this week. My quote source is in Colorado Springs. Have a great week, and I hope your family had a terrific Halloween. For those of you in the Northeast who may have been affected by Sandy, I hope the trauma was minimal and know that the hockey family’s thoughts are with you. More next week from Malaysia and the newest happenings in the USA.
Have a great week!

Steve Locke

Executive Director
USA Field Hockey