Executive Director Weekly Report

Aug. 21, 2012, 2:23 p.m. (ET)

USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of August 20, 2012

It is now underway;  the assessment of USA Field Hockey' High Performance Program. Some may have thought that this assessment was due to our performance in London, however, it was scheduled to take place regardless of our placement in London. Over the past two and a half years, we have taken a look at many of our programming efforts within USA Field Hockey such as Futures, youth development, clubs, and boys development and each has seen or will see healthy modifications. This program is no different. 

Dr. Peter Davis, PhD. has been engaged to lead this exercise, and a small task force committee of four people endemic to hockey will participate. They are Missy Meharg, Michele Madison, Heather Lewis and Keli Smith Puzo. We are fortunate to have Peter on board as he is quite remarkable and marketable. His current schedule provides for his involvement with a number of countries with subject matter that is widely varying. Due to his scheduling pressure, the report due back to me from Peter and the committee will come mid-October...not the mid-September date I expressed in last week's report to you.

The data collection will be significant and will include performance information over the past quad, financial resources that have come to bear, interviews with principals including athletes, members of the high performance staff, and others in the sport as appropriate. After the data is collected and consolidated, the committee will review and come forward with recommendations that are based upon an objective review.

Peter conducted a similar assessment 3 years ago for New Zealand Hockey. Their women's circumstances were amazingly similar as they came 12th in Beijing. In London, NZ came 4th...not quite on the podium, but an impressive  turnabout. Within USA Field Hockey, we are all about going through the weighing of programs in a measured and objective manner. This can be emotional for some, but not for us as we look earnestly to improve high performance as we create a pathway for success to Rio 2016.

Amy Hassick is one amazing woman! You very likely remember that we were gushing about Amy's appointment as an umpire to the London Olympic Games months ago. We reported on it a number of times. It was all justified. Amy was our rock star in London. Her umpiring was flawless, and her attitude was that way as well. I never saw Amy without a smile on her face and a good word or two to say. She was indeed a wonderful representative for the USA to London for the entire world to see. Thank you, Amy!
The U.S. U21 Junior Men's Team traveled to Auckland, New Zealand for five friendly test matches against North Harbor Select, North Harbor NHL Team and the Auckland Development Squad. The U.S. finished with an impressive 3-2 record and huge steps forward. The international experience gained will benefit the group in their final preparations for the Junior Pan American Games next month in Guadalajara, Mexico. 

The U.S. Men’s Over-45 National Team has gathered in Canterbury, England for the first International Hockey Federation Masters World Cup. 
This is the first time a U.S. Masters team has competed, while Masters Hockey is well established in Europe, Asia and Australia and New Zealand. The U.S. is the underdog and lost their first three matches against Australia, England and Spain, with three matches remaining in the tournament. Follow the Masters World Cup online at hockeymastersworldcup.org. 

Many of you are now undergoing preseason training as your prepare for the High School and University seasons, I wish you all the best for your upcoming season. The hard work put in now will no doubt reap dividends throughout the Fall!

Have a great week! 

Steve Locke 
Executive Director 
USA Field Hockey