Men's action continues: Day 3

Aug. 03, 2012, 10:08 a.m. (ET)

LONDON - The second round of the Men’s 2012 Olympic Field Hockey Games have created a close ranking in both pools. Although several more matches must be completed before medals are earned, an award has already been achieved. Before New Zealand faced off against India, the Golden Whistle was presented to international umpire Ged Curran acknowledging his 100th international match. 

The men’s Olympic competition resumes Friday, August 3rd. 

Spain vs. Australia 0-5
Pool A
Combining the scores of their first two matches, Australia has tallied 11 goals; undoubtedly elevating them as a favored contender for the gold medal. After losing their captain Santiago Freixa with a broken arm in the first match against Pakistan, Spain suffered another injury when Pol Amat was assisted off the field due to a collision with an Australian player. 

Belgium vs. Netherlands 1-3
Pool B
Netherlands secured their second win of the tournament and in turn is currently leading Pool B.  Forward Mink van der Weerden lit up the scoreboard twice for the Dutch and Bob de Voogd solidified the win for the Netherlands in the 70th minute. Belgium put up a relentless fight but failed to find the correct combination to get a goal. 

New Zealand vs. India 3-1
Pool B
Although India’s Nicholas Haig struck fast and first with a goal in the second minute of the first half, New Zealand came out victorious. Thus far, India has two loses in the Olympic tournament. 

South Africa vs. Great Britain 2-2
Group A
The spectators were treated to an outstanding edge-of-your-seat finish, with back and forth play up until the final seconds. The score was 2-1 with South Africa in the forefront with five minutes left in the second half until Great Britain’s Ashley Jackson scored in the 68th minute. Both teams are awarded one point each for the draw. 

Pakistan vs. Argentina 2-0
Pool A
The power of Pakistan’s drag flicks handed Argentina their second loss of the Olympic games. Argentina had four corner opportunities but neglected to get past Pakistan’s tight defensive circle.  

Korea vs. Germany 0-1
Pool B
The anticipated pressure from both teams was upheld until Germany’s Christopher Zeller broke through the Korean’s circle in the 33rd minute The score remained static into the second half giving Germany its second win.

Group A Standings
1. Australia
2. Great Britain
3. Pakistan
4. Spain
5. South Africa
6. Argentina

Group B Standings
1. Netherlands
2. Germany 
3. Korea
4. New Zealand
5. India
6. Belgium