FH Life Magazine goes digital

May 20, 2011, 12 p.m. (ET)

FH Life, the official magazine of USA Field Hockey, is now available electronically. FH Life is sent to approximately 20,000 households and is a benefit of being a USA Field Hockey member. Members will continue to receive a printed copy quarterly. However, the new digital edition provides members with an additional way to receive this information, as well as promote the sport to the entire field hockey community.

In January 2011, Field Hockey News transformed to FH Life. The differences between the two are like night and day. FH Life is a lifestyle magazine that focuses around athletes, coaches and umpires both on and off the pitch. The articles are intended to educate and inspire readers and the photography captures action-filled moments that depict the excitement and thrill of the sport.  
The April 2011 edition of FH Life can now be viewed online to the general public. Going forward, FH Life digital editions will only be viewable by USA Field Hockey members and FH Life subscription holders. Old editions will be archived on usafieldhockey.com.  

The digital edition offers many features which will make reading the issue easy and fun. Some of these features include:

  • Flip through the publication with a click of your computer mouse
  • Zoom in and out, viewing the page as close-up as you choose
  • Look at a two-page spread of view each page by itself
  • Click on any URL web address in the publication and it will take you directly to the webpage
  • Type a word in the “search” function and be taken directly to the pages that the word appears in the edition
  • Download the edition to your personal computer
  • Print off the publication on your own printer

To view the April 2011 digital edition click here. The digital edition of FH Life is a great benefit of being a USA Field Hockey member, but also will serve as a powerful took to reach out to new people to grow our sport at all levels.

We hope that you will share this with all of your friends in and out of the field hockey world and help us promote the great sport of field hockey.