Coronado Islander Defeat Point Loma Suns in Overtime

March 28, 2011, 10:54 a.m. (ET)

The Asics League match this past weekend resulted in the first win of the season for the Coronado Islanders.

The Islanders struggled early giving up a goal within the first five minutes of the game. Torrie Albini scored on a straight shot from a penalty corner to give the Suns the early lead. The Islanders put on heavy pressure to the Suns' backfield players. The Islanders were able to win the ball in their front field but were unable to score in the first half.

The Islanders came out strong in the second half putting even more pressure on the Suns' back field players. With about ten minutes to play, Lauren Pfeiffer ripped a shot from the top, which was saved by goalie Jackie Kintzer. However, the rebound left the ball sitting around the stroke mark and with no defenders able to clear the ball Pfeiffer got her own rebound and riffled a reverse stick shot past Kinzter.

The Suns were far from defeated. Within the next minute, Bianna Davies stepped up strong in the mid-field to intercept a pass. Davies continued up the field eliminating defenders. The Islander found themselves defenders down and Davies was able to execute a 2 v 1 in the circle which resulted in a goal. The Suns lead 2-1. Despite the goal, the Islanders continued to put pressure on the Suns. With two minutes remaining, a Suns defender was suspected of defending within the five meter area inside the 25. The play went under video review and as a result, the player was found to be at fault and was given a green card. The Islanders were rewarded a penalty corner. The first corner was unsuccessful, but the Islanders we able to earn another corner from the first. With one minute remaining in the game, Pfeiffer fired a straight shot to the goalies stick side. The ball was deflected and found its way into the goal. The game was tied going into overtime.

Each team played with 11 members in a 7:30 minute Golden Rule overtime. Both teams came out strong, but the momentum from the end of the second half and determination of the Islanders payed off. With three minutes remaining in the over time, the Islanders earned a penalty corner from a crossed ball that hit a Suns' defender's foot. Pfeiffer took another straight shot to the goalies stick side. A goal resulted in the end of the game. The Islanders walked away with their first victory of the year.