USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of March 7, 2011

March 08, 2011, 12:59 p.m. (ET)


USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of March 7, 2011 

Last weekend during the National Indoor Tournament in Richmond, VA a number of the larger clubs asked to meet among themselves and then with us as a staff. They had a number of concerns and wanted to organize them and then visit with us so together we could work toward resolution. To me, it was a healthy encounter; after all, clubs are our customers and we need to listen.

One comment made during our meeting that struck me as particularly interesting was that USA Field Hockey was making vast sums of money from the NIT and the money was devoted to supporting the top level national teams. Some resources do go to the national teams, but the lion’s share goes to support programs that are loss leaders or programs with no revenue stream but are programs that are fundamental to building and supporting the sport. I thought that within this report that I would share with you the Profit and Loss statement from the 2010 NITs (as 2011 is not complete as yet). Hand in hand with sharing the P&L from the 2010 NITs I also wanted to share with you a sampling of other programs we support that do not show a profit and/or show a loss…but are still fundamental to sport development.

The profit as illustrated  from the 2010 NITs was $187,726 (click here to view). We generated total revenues of $407,231 and our expenses were $219,505. Sounds substantial. It is. But, there is another side to the story. Typically within any sport national governing body, events or other activities that develop quality revenue streams are used to underwrite other necessary programs. Here is a sampling of some of our development programs and the costs associated with them:

Umpire development – Umpire programming runs at an annual  loss of $100,000.  Programs include:

                Supporting  new umpire development initiatives

                The new National Umpire and Technical Manager

                National Briefings

                Umpire Managers to each event based on team numbers

Coaching-Coaching programming runs at a loss of $9,181. Programs include;

               Hosting Level I courses-complimentary for coaches working within our Olympic Development core programs.  This is to ensure our quality of coaches meets a specific standard.

               Subsidizing Level II courses which are under-subscribed

               Subsidize National Coaching Forum

Events which run at a loss includes all upper end Olympic Development programs (not High Performance) - $108,336, RISE Games ($5,013)

This is just a sampling of worthwhile programs that lose up to $222,530 annually.

The sampling example above is a small piece of the pie that is USA Field Hockey. Overall, at the end of 2010, we will have developed a positive net dollar outcome. Doing that is fiducially responsible and quite frankly the first time that that has been accomplished since 2002. Good on the staff. But, we are not in the business of warehousing money. Positive outcomes allow not-for-profit organizations such as USA Field Hockey to build a reserve for the eventual rainy day and/or devote resources in subsequent years to unfunded projects directed toward helping build the sport.

Looking at this information confirms that nothing is simple. USAFH is a complex organization with many moving parts. It is easy to jump to conclusions assuming the organization is making inappropriate sums without looking at the entire picture. On the other hand, it is incumbent upon us as staff to communicate to our membership constituencies so there is clarity of resource use within the organization.

We want to provide an ever better platform for clubs to grow and want to fully include all clubs in the development of this process. At the last two USA Field Hockey events we have made ourselves available to have small group meetings with clubs every hour, and have just completed a comprehensive information gathering online survey completed by 126 clubs.  We continue to get thoughtful, innovative, passionate opinions all that will help us collectively to the one thing we all want to – grow our sport!



The NITs continue the later part of this week in Virginia Beach. The U14s and U16s will be in abundance. I wanted to particularly thank the umpires, their managers, and all of the other officials involved. It is a tremendous sacrifice being made by these folks. Many take vacation days from work (and, in some cases lost days). Many travel on restricted budgets, but still want to be in the middle of competition to help grow hockey. You may not always agree with their calls, but try to put yourself in their shoes as they call infractions as they see them in a pretty fast, competitive, and emotional environment. They collectively have a thankless job and should be honored. So, thank you! You are so fundamental to sport.



Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: “A new report found that the U.S. spends more than $5 billion on redundant government programs. Another report found that the U.S. spends more than $5 billion on redundant government programs.”

Have a great week!

Steve Locke

Executive Director

USA Field Hockey