Travel to Dublin, Ireland: Monday, June 13th

June 14, 2011, 4:11 p.m. (ET)

Travel to Dublin, Ireland: Monday, June 13th

Yesterday was a travel day for the US Women’s National Field Hockey Team. We left the states and headed across the Atlantic Ocean to Dublin, Ireland, for the Champion’s Challenge. In comparison to some of the stories the veterans on the team have, this was an uneventful trip.

It began with Michelle Cesan (MC), cleverly nicknamed “Hammer”, reallocating a few pounds of clothing to lighter bags in order to stay within the weight restrictions. Overpacking; rookie mistake. The majority of the team flew from San Diego to Philadelphia, where we met up with the others before heading to Ireland. While in the airport we attracted plenty of stares, a few questions about our sport, and many cheers of “Go USA.”

The gentleman sitting next to me was very excited to talk about our sport, but he struggled to differentiate between field hockey and “the sport with the basket”: lacrosse. After the five (5) hour flight I’m not sure he ever figured out the difference between the two, but I know for a fact that he is now one of our biggest fans!

Halfway through the flight from Philadelphia to Dublin, Lauren Crandall started slipping into character with her Irish accent. Had I not known better, I may have mistaken her for a local.

The trip, despite being over 11 hours of flight time, and leaving many of us with swollen ankles and sleep deprivation, was a success. The luggage all arrived, not in a timely manner - but that’s beside the point - and the warm danishes served on the flight were a highlight.

Now that we’re settling in, our travel is behind us and we’re focusing on bringing home the Gold; because the travel back to the states is always more enjoyable with a victory!

Torrie Albini #3