USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of June 6, 2011

June 07, 2011, 12:05 p.m. (ET)
USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of June 6, 2011

This is a sort of make-up week for the happenings I missed mentioning in last week’s report (due the quantity of activity over Memorial Day Weekend).
Olympian Nigel Traverso’s annual Big Apply Hockey Tournament took place over the Memorial Day Weekend. It was huge in many ways. The following is a report from Nigel:

2011 Big Apple Memorial Six-A-Side Tournament


New York City: 57 Teams competed in the 2011 Big Apple Memorial Six-a-Side tournament at the Aviator Sports & Recreation complex in New York City over the Memorial Day weekend (May 28 & 29). Competition was held in four divisions: Women, U-19, U-16 and U-14 Girls on Saturday and Sunday. For the first time there was no men’s division because of the lack of interest. The visible absence of men’s teams was missed by the kids and parents alike who asked about their exclusion.  

The Big Apple Memorial Six-a-Side Tournament is held every year to honor the memory of those field hockey lovers who are no longer with us. They all contributed to hockey in their own way and are missed.

This year we paid tribute and honored the contributions of Kenwin Nancoo who was taken from us so suddenly earlier this year. Kenwin and The Edge FHC have been strong supporters of this event for many years. Kenwin was a friend and mentor to many of the kids and parents who support this event annually.

The weekend weather was perfect, with 80’s degree weather both days. The whole atmosphere created with music, good hockey, carnival, vendors and family and friends was a sight to behold.  


CalCup still top-of-mind In the hurly-burly of the CalCup activities, I forgot to mention one of the most important cogs in the wheel of the successful 40th Anniversary CalCup operation, Tournament Director, Ravi Kanwal!

Ravi enjoyed little sleep in the weeks prior to and during CalCup, dealing with and solving those last minute crises that (unfortunately) arise and none so more daunting than being denied use of the four fields at Arroyo Vista 3 weeks before the start of the tournament, and being able to find substitutes. Ravi has always been innovative, and that is why he is so valued by the tournament organizers.

U12 Development Task Force The notion of the creation of task forces to confront issues within USA Field Hockey is working well. The current USAFH Member Club Task Force is doing marvelous work; meets every Tuesday for hour long dialogues; and will soon have a large number of recommendations coming from the perspective of the many clubs that the members of the task force represent. The make-up of the club task force includes members from small, medium and large clubs and provides diverse opinions that are being honed into common acceptable solutions. The outcome from the task force will be posted in the weekly report in several weeks’ time.

Another issue that is paramount to the future of the sport is U12 development.  If you recall what Nigel Traverso said in his report above concerning the Big Apple Memorial Six-A-Side Tournament:

‘For the first time there was no men’s division because of the lack of interest.’

There is a fundamental issue within this sport. We have not created a base of athletes from both sides of the gender aisle. The lack of a large pool of athletes affects participation in the game from elementary school age youngsters through to those who are post-collegiate. Many people who take a critical look at our organization recognize that we do a lot of focusing on developing and showcasing athletes through our Futures programs and various events (all on the female side of the ledger), but really have not devoted quality and sustaining efforts to the development of elementary aged kids, and to those seeking recreational opportunities after the college years. So, one problem at a time; we are in the midst of creating an U12 Development Task Force. That task force will have a set of measurable outcomes to develop that align themselves to our current strategic plan on development with a focus on the U12 age group of both genders. Next week’s report will announce the composition of the task force and will present the refined set of goals to be achieved by the task force group. It may sound boring (planning and all that planning entails), but it is quite exciting stuff.

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon: ‘Today is National Hug Your Cat Day. Or as cats call it, “Yeah, don’t do that.”

Have a great week!

Steve Locke
Executive Director
USA Field Hockey