London 2012 Olympics: One year to go!

July 27, 2011, 10:11 a.m. (ET)

Wednesday 27th July 2011 is a very significant day in the build up to the London 2012 Olympics – it is exactly one year until the start of what is being dubbed “The Greatest show on Earth.”  The vibrant, multicultural city of London will be marking the date with celebrations and special events throughout the day. The anticipation and enthusiasm for the London 2012 Olympic Games cannot be under-estimated, with tickets for almost every event being sold at record speeds.  In terms of ticket sales, hockey has been a massive success story, with well over half a million being sold.  

With 365 days to go, caught up with Sue Catton, the person responsible for the planning, organisation and management of Hockey at the 2012 Games. In an exclusive interview, Sue gives us a full update on how everything is coming together.  

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