USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of January 31, 2011

Jan. 31, 2011, 11:51 a.m. (ET)

Week of January 31, 2011

USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of January 31, 2011  


The newly branded FH Life is hot off the presses and should be in your hands by now.

As mentioned in previous weekly reports, the magazine (now called FH Life) is a departure from what we have been doing in the past, principally because we have more media platforms than in the past (e.g. website, social network websites, e-blasts, and the weekly report). Our theory is that our constituencies want news rapid fire and we can provide ‘news’ quickly through our electronic efforts. We feel our printed magazine will just be duplicative if we continue with news such as tournament results. Our effort now is to create the only life-style magazine in the sport (in actual fact, we have the only magazine representing the sport in the USA period). The magazine is meant to appeal to athletes and their moms and dads, plus our umpire and coach constituencies. The magazine consists now of more white space to help direct attention to graphics and the limited print content (less cluttered). The photography is upgraded substantially, the layout is appealing, and the quality of writing is improving as we take advantage of the innovative writings of athletes and others in the organization. The creative geniuses behind it all have been numerous. Simon Hoskins and Ashley Meunier of the USA Field Hockey Marketing and Communications Department have been the ringleaders. They have received an assist from many staff members and others. A principal driving force has been Dita’s Sandy Kinnee. Sandy is an accomplished artist by trade as evidenced by his numerous art shows found globally. He provided great assistance on layout, graphics and the interesting use of photos. Plus, he participated financially in allotting resources for our layout ‘outside’ vender.It is in your hands now and the magazine represents a great deal of work. At your convenience, it would be a great help for you to provide a critique. Please realize who our target audience is and our tack of describing the hockey lifestyle. It may not appeal to traditionalists; it is certainly a departure in what we have done in the past. To me, FH Life is far more appealing than what I see coming out of any other sport national governing body (NGB). We could become a real NGB tread-setter. Comments should be directed to FH Life editor Ashley Meunier at
Steve Horgan selected as new Umpire administrator. USA Field Hockey is pleased to announce that Steve Horgan has been selected as USA Field Hockey’s first National Umpire and Technical manager.  Steve has  extensive umpire and technical experience including involvement in two Olympic Games, and two FIH World Cups along with 85 International matches.  Prior to Steve joining the international ranks, he umpired NCAA, scholastic and club matches. He retired from umpiring following the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and trained to be an FIH Umpire Manager.  Currently Steve serves as the Rules Interpreter for both USA Field Hockey and the NCAA.  The National Umpire and Technical Manager has a long list of responsibilities for 2011. The number #1 priority will be to create a level of umpiring consistency through all levels of play and to boost the quantity of umpires for both the outdoor and indoor game. Steve Horgan is starting his responsibilities immediately and can be contacted at

Process for registration for 2011 U19 and U17 USA Field Hockey National Club Championship. The process to register your club for the inaugural edition of the U19 and U17 USA Field Hockey National Club Championship will open promptly at 12pm EST on February 1st. The registration will be totally on-line and on a first come-first served basis (this will only happen in the inaugural year as we anticipate creating qualifiers in subsequent years. Here is the process:

1.       Go to the USA Field Hockey site ( <> ) and click on the link provided (the link will promptly appear and be activated at 12pm EST, February 1st)

2.       Enter your Club Administer’s USA Field Hockey username and passcode

3.       Click the “register” button to register either a Under-19 or Under-16 team. Note: Only one team can be registered at a time.

4.       Confirm that the Club team name is correct and press “continue”. If the Club team name is incorrect, press edit to enter a new team name.

5.       Enter your credit card and billing information in the appropriate areas and click “continue” to complete the registration process

6.       You will receive an email confirmation stating your status of registration for the 2011 National Club Championship within an hour. 
We anticipate much interest for this event as it is the only national championship staged by the hockey national governing body, USA Field Hockey. Good luck, and we hope to see you and your club at Richmond, VA’s SportsQuest later this year.

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