A Long Day of Training and Games

Jan. 01, 2011, 11:53 a.m. (ET)
 The USA Men’s Indoor Team had a long and busy day at the Dundee International Sports Center (DISC).  Rising at 6:30am, the team followed breakfast with an early morning video session to review the prior day’s play.   Then it was off to DISC to refine some of the team’s different defenses a few attacking plays.   The day continued with hard fought games against  Menzieshill, Scottish Champions for the past seven years, (6-6 tie) and the Scottish under 21.  (5-3 win).  Minutes were shared evenly among all the players for development.  At the end of the day, the USA played 30 minutes of structured situations-- man up, man down, kicking back for, kicking back against to have "match" practice for these situations which can frequently occur in indoor games.  It was one tired bunch of players who warmed down then headed back to their hotel for a very late lunch to be followed in the evening by a team curry as part of the New Year’s celebrations.  The players will have a rest day on January 1st, then travel down to Northampton for two games against England, before travelling to Austria

Menzieshill provided the core of the Scottish indoor team in the last European indoor championship.  They are very structured, defend aggressively  and play a fast paced passing game.  They have provided excellent opposition for this stage of the tour.

Playing in today’s games were Kevin Segeren, Jason Wellings, Christoph Winter, Rob Schilling, Tim Krauss, Mo Runzi, Pat Harris, Steve Mann, Sean Harris Steve Danielson, Shawn Hindy, Jaja Kentwell, Tom Staddon and Jesse Larson.  (Pat Cota was rested due to sickness, but should be ready for the next games).   Nigel Traverso is the manager, Brian Brata is the athletic trainer, Marijn Petermeijer is the video analyst/coaching assistant and Peter Jones is the coach.

The USA Indoor team is grateful to Grove Menzieshill, Billy McPherson and Harry Byers, Scottish Hockey, Dundee City Council and its Lord Provost for arranging their time in Dundee and to the USFHA, USFHF and the US Men’s Field Hockey Foundation for supporting its Indoor World Cup preparations.