Election of USA Field Hockey Board Members

Feb. 23, 2011, 5:59 p.m. (ET)

This past Sunday the USA Field Hockey Board of Directors completed its election process to fill a variety of Board seats that are to begin with the 2011 term. The election had been delayed due to several structural changes that needed to be made to adhere to USA Field Hockey Bylaw standards and United States Olympic Committee National Governing Body Best Practices.

Twenty-two candidates stood for election. The USA Field Hockey Nominating Committee narrowed the field to the ten highest qualified candidates, conducted background checks, and provided verification of membership. The ten final candidates were each interviewed by the Nominating Committee with specific questions pertaining to governance and the particular skills the candidate would bring to the Board table. The field of candidates was then reduced to eight (two of whom were appointed independent directors and the remaining six considered for At-Large positions). The overall field of candidates was stellar.

The protocol for USA Field Hockey Board elections is for the Nomination Committee to appoint Independent Board members with Board ratification, and to provide a slate of qualified candidates from which the Board is to choose At-Large Board members (with the Board retaining a right to nominate candidates from the floor through provisions in Roberts Rules).

The Nominating Committee appointed Dr. Tej Singh, a vascular surgeon and the founder of a hockey club from Northern California, the Stanford Storm; and Tony Gulotta, a CPA with a major corporate entity in New Jersey as the two Independent Board members. As the other current Independent Board member, Martha Jordan,  resigned in order to continue her retirement, another Independent Board seat became vacant. The Nomination Committee appointed Randal Sundeen, a Southern California attorney, to fill the remaining term of Martha Jordan. The Board ratified all of the Independent Board position appointments.

In addition to the slate of six candidates recommended for the At-Large Board positions by the Nomination Committee, the Board accepted one nomination from the floor.  Incumbents Jim Johnson, Billy Ahluwalia and Heather Lewis were selected as At-Large Directors.

The terms of all of the above Board members run through 2014, except Mr. Sundeen's term runs through 2012.