USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of February 21, 2011

Feb. 22, 2011, 4:08 p.m. (ET)

Week of February 21, 2011

USA Field Hockey Weekly Report-Week of February 21, 2011  

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3rd FIH Indoor World Cup: Some Reflections
I asked Peter Jones, the head coach of the USA Field Hockey Men’s National Indoor Team, to provide information on the recent FIH Men’s Indoor World Cup. He did so, and here it is:

Statistics and comments on the FIH Men’s Indoor World Cup:

125 Countries belong to the FIH, the world governing body for field hockey.

42 of them entered their Men’s National Indoor Teams in continental indoor championships that led to qualification for the Indoor World Cup in Poznan.

12 made it to Poznan.  7 were from Europe, 2 from Pan Am and 1 each from Africa, Asia and Oceania.  The competition was earnest and the USA Men finished 11th.

The strength of the European teams was clear.  In the group stages, the only victory over a European team by a non-European team was Iran’s 7-4 defeat of Russia.  There were two one-goal defeats for non-European teams: Iran lost 3-4 to the Czech Republic and USA lost 2-3 to England.  

In its first three games, the USA team improved on each of its previous scores against its opponents. 

                v Russia 2-6 (compared with 5-12 in Copenhagen in January 2010)

                v Austria 0-5 (compared with 2-9 in Vienna in January 2011)

                v England 2-3 (compared with 0-5 in Vienna in January 2011)

The USA had not played the Czechs for many years and had never previously played Iran or Namibia.

The USA scored 15 goals and conceded 28 over its six games.The USA’s 15 goals in Poznan were scored by Pat Harris 6, Rob Schilling 3, Tim Krauss 2, Pat Cota 2, Sean Harris 1 and Shawn Hindy 1.

For comparison, in 2003, the USA’s 12 goals were scored by Steve Danielson 5, Pat Harris 3, Daniel Dion 2,  Olaf Maack 1 and Pat Cota 1.  (Pat Harris, Shawn Hindy  and Olaf Maack also scored in a stroke competition).

Congratulations to all the players: Kevin Segeren, Jason Wellings, Christoph Winter, Rob Schilling, Tim Krauss, Moritz Runzi, Pat Harris, Steve Mann, Sean Harris, Steve Danielson, Shawn Hindy and Pat Cota (captain).  Only 144 men played in this world cup and the USA men all deserved to be among that elite group.  My thanks for all your efforts.

Twelve players made up the team that competed on the pitch in the games at the FIH Indoor World Cup.  However, a second team helped the chosen twelve get ready to compete and prepared them for each match.  The members of this “team around the team” were the manager (and 1984 Olympian) Nigel Traverso from NY; the athletic trainer, Brian Bratta from Michigan State University; the video analyst and assistant coach, Marijn Petermeijer of MPerformance in the Netherlands; the goalkeeper coach, Heiko Milz of Magic Goalies in Germany; the Athletic Performance Advisor, Lars Focke of PT23 in Germany; and the video assistant, Ashley Jones of Greenwich Academy in CT. 

Thanks are also due to the USAFH office and coaching staff for all their efforts, USAFH, USFHF and USMFHF for their financial support, Asics for clothing the team and the USA’s fans for some much appreciated cheering, shouting, flag-waiving and cow-bell shaking.

Now we start planning for 2015 and even more success!

The Rumor Mill It has been a couple weeks since we returned from the Disney Showcase, and in last week’s report I didn’t mention it, but there seems to be a rumor mill within the sport. The rumor circulating during the Disney event was that USA Field Hockey was planning to require clubs to conduct Futures programs. Not so, not so, really not so. As reported in previous reports, we have substantially increased the value of insurance for clubs (it covers so much more and at higher levels), and we will be enforcing the requirement to be a USA Field Hockey member. USA Field Hockey employee Laura Darling, who has clubs in her portfolio, has been conducting interviews with clubs and a survey will be sent to all of our clubs before the end of the month. Our intent is to work toward providing value to clubs in many areas, but first we are determining through interviews and surveys what clubs really want. Our first step was to create the USA Field Hockey U19 and U17 National Club Championship to be held later this year in Richmond, Virginia. It is the only national championship that USAFH currently produces. There will be further steps to enhance clubs as we move along. The entire idea revolves around building clubs, building the membership, and finding more places to play. By the way, it will never be our intent to impose programs on clubs or any individual. We will make programs optional for clubs (such as StickStarz and TurfTykes) in the hope that the tools we develop and ask you to help us develop will always be provided to clubs to use at their discretion.

Outcome of USA Field Hockey  Ethics Committee Review Some time ago a complaint revolving around alleged ethics violations was lodged by a USA Field Hockey member. The complaining party alleged the misuse of funds from a fund raising campaign conducted a number of years ago and from funds obtained from the USA Field Hockey Foundation. This particular ethics complaint was somewhat complex and required a fair amount of investigation including interviews with persons familiar with the historical issue at hand plus a thorough examination of all records on file in the national office. Since the time period in question, the association has installed a new controller, a new executive director, and a new accounting software system. The USA Field Hockey Ethics Committee spent considerable time and effort going through a fair and complete examination of the complaint. In the end the committee found there was no hard evidence of ethics violations, misuse of funds or malfeasance in administrating the business of USA Field Hockey. There were a number of USA Field Hockey Ethics Committee recommendations, some of which have already been taken care of by installing the new accounting system. Both the Ethics Committee and Board of Directors have asked that the recommendations become a part of the public record. The recommendations made by the Ethics Committee are as follow:

Ethics Committee General Recommendations

The complaint has highlighted some general concerns about “open and transparent governance within both USFHA and USFHF. The Ethics Committee recommends that the following be considered by both organizations’ boards, and by USFHA’s executive management:

1. Use and proper implementation by USFHA of an accounting system that allows individual event funding and expenditure to be identified and differentiated (already implemented).

2. A review of protocols used by USFHA for obtaining grant funding from USFHF and USMFHF, and a strengthening of such protocols to require a detailed and itemized breakdown of grant funding.

3. Implementation of financial oversight and management procedures requiring USFHA to regularly report to USFHF and/or USMFHF on ongoing expenditure of grant monies.

4. The protocols should also require USFHA to provide a detailed, final financial audit of all events where USFHF or USMFHF grant funding is used: this audit should show total funding by source and total expenditures by detailed line item as budgeted, as well as how grant monies were used.

5. The make-up of the USFHF Board should be reviewed in conjunction with any review of the applicable By-Laws concerning “overlapping Board members. From an ethical and financial control viewpoint, the number of independent (non USFHA Board) Directors could be increased or the number of USFHA Board Members be reduced, so that USFHA Board Members do not dominate the USFHF Board.

By all means, we intend to provide to the membership a transparent and clear mode of operation from both a Board and staff standpoint. We take such issues seriously, and will continue operating transparently and entirely in the open.

Conan: “Yesterday Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg had his own Facebook fan page hacked into. Zuckerberg immediately ordered the hacker to be tracked down, seized, and hired.” 

Have a great week!

Steve Locke

Executive Director

USA Field Hockey